Bushfire appeals help floods

How riders can help bushfire appeals

The best way riders can help local communities affected by devastating bushfires is to avoid the area until the emergency has passed and it has been declared safe to visit. Riders are among the most beneficial tourists to local community economies because – unlike other motoring tourists – they take virtually nothing with them. When …

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Memorabilia bushfire appeal

Bike memorabilia to aid bushfire appeal

Former volunteer firefighter John England is selling his collection of Aussie motorcycle racing memorabilia and donating a portion to aid the bushfire appeal. John says his collection of 22 commemorative bottles of Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix port, six Mick Doohan plates, various mirrors, signed prints and collectible toys could be worth as much as $10,000. …

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Fire retardant

Is fire retardant really a danger to riders?

Apart from riders being aware of rapidly changing bushfire conditions, we have also been warned about slippery fire retardant on roads and falling debris in ravaged areas. A social media alert to riders from Sydney truck driver William Moncrieff carrying fire retardant to rural fire brigades says the substance can be slippery when wet. He …

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