Vespa Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn Gregory Peck

World’s oldest, Roman Holiday Vespa sells

The world’s oldest Vespa that was also used in the classic 1953 film, Roman Holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, has sold at auction for more than a quarter million dollars. There were 21 bids for the working scooter which was hand-crafted in 1946. It was estimated to sell for up to €300,000 ($US324,492, …

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Vespa GTS 300ie

Vespa GTS 300ie review

Vespa GTS 300ie: Instead of saying sticking plaster, we say Bandaid. Similarly, we tend to say Vespa instead of scooter, so ingrained is the iconic Italian scooter brand in our conscience. Vespa means wasp in Italian because they sound like wasps when they zip along the streets. Production started in 1946 out of purely practical …

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