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KTM, Husky defy road bike slump

KTM and, to a lesser extent Husqvarna, have defied the Australian road bike sales slump of -11.9% last year, according to official statistics from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries released today. Whatever KTM is doing, it seems to be working because the company, together with its acquisition Husqvarna, is also defying the worldwide downward motorcycle sales …

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Yamaha X4 Wolverine ATV all-terrain vehicle

Yamaha X4 Wolverine fits four adults

Yamaha’s latest side-by-side X4 Wolverine is a four-seater mountain goat, slush puppy and go-anywhere off-road taxi, says ATV correspondent Bruce McMahon: The Wolverine X4 – the first of this model with room for four Australian-sized adults – scores a race-bred motor, self-levelling rear suspension, fly-by-wire throttle plus a tonne of ability for tackling tough tracks. …

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Polaris Sportsman Ace

Polaris calls for independent sales audit

Powersports manufacturer Polaris has called for an independent audit of ATV, motorcycle and scooter sales so consumers have a more accurate account. The American company dropped out of the Federal Chamber of Automated Industries two years ago over concerns for the accuracy of sales reporting, but its motorcycle companies, Indian and Victory, remain with the …

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Polaris Slingshot three-wheeler tease

Polaris has released a teaser video of a three-wheeler “Slingshot” machine that looks a little like the KTM Crossbow track car. The road-going Polaris Slingshot will be fully unveiled on July 27 and would be a departure for the company which has specialised in all-terrain and snowmobiles. However, Polaris has broken a lot of rules …

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Polaris WV850 with Terrain Armor airless tyres

Polaris adds world-first puncture-free tyres

The Polaris Sportsman WV850 features the world-first application of Terrain Armor army-spec tubeless, puncture-less tyres on a civilian vehicle. And the revolutionary tyres could be coming to motorcycles down the track. The honeycomb-structured tyres are non-pneumatic so they can even withstand a bullet without stopping the rider in their tracks. They have been used in …

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ATV love

Polaris shakes up all-terrain vehicle market

The company that makes Indian and Victory motorcycles is also shaking up the UTV world. UTV stands for Utility Task Vehicle and is also called a Side by Side vehicle for two to six people or an ROV (Recreational Off-highway Vehicle). Whatever you call it, Polaris has released a Sportsman Ace which is a hybrid …

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