Honda integrating Smartphone As Brain system

Honda integrating phone for riding apps

Honda will join several other motorcycle companies in integrating your smartphone with your bike and car so you can access all sorts of tech and apps while on the go. Honda calls its system Smartphone As Brain. Integrating apps Like other systems such as Apple Carplay, the smartphone shows some of the phone apps on the …

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BMW Motorrad creating digital riders information apps friends distracted passion

Top apps for modern motorcycle fans

A good way of helping you get the most out of your motorbike trips is to download some useful apps that can help and entertain you in plenty of different ways. Here is a look at some must-have apps for motorcycle fans, including one with an important crash safety feature, plus traffic-busting data and ways …

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Ducati Multistrada Link apps

Will apps drive future motorcycles?

Ducati has introduced apps for its Multistrada that will plot your ride, list your speed and even record lean angles, then share it on social media with your friends. Apart from the obvious concern about incriminating yourself, this type of app seems to be the future of motorcycling. Aprilia and MV Agusta have similar apps …

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