Sena updates 20S with 30K unit

The next-generation Sena 30K Bluetooth system will have improved networking so the connection isn’t lost when a rider leaves a group. The 30K will arrive in mid-2017, according to Earmold Australia, and is based on the popular 20S unit. It also uses the same mount so you can swap them over. Sena calls the new …

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Continental ehorizon information system on motorcycles

Shared information to make bikes safer

Continental is extending its car-based vehicle-to-vehicle information system called eHorizon to motorcycles. The German company claims the system will aid rider safety as well as helping riders discover new routes. Continental’s Intelligent Transportation Systems boss Ralf Lenninger says their motorcycle system, “swarm intelligence”, interconnects riders on a shared platform so they can share information about …

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Motoreport app keeps track of motorcycle maintenance

Keep track of motorcycle maintenance

Keeping track of your motorcycle maintenance can be difficult, especially if you are lucky enough to have more than one motorcycle in your garage. When was the last time you changed your bike fluid, cleaned or lubed your chain, or inspected your brake pads? Now you keep track of maintenance on all your bikes with …

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Wolf Pack app aids group riding

Have you ever wanted to organise your own wolf pack ride or find a group social ride you can join and not have to worry about people getting lost or split up? Now this free new Wolf Pack app for Androids and iOS makes all of that a breeze. Download the app here. The app promises to …

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Rever and BMW developing rider mapping app

BMW invests in social media app

BMW Motorrad has partnered with social media mapping app company Rever to help riders discover the world’s best roads, create custom routes, track rides and share riding experiences across social media platforms. The free Rever mapping app was launched in 2015 and is available on iOS and Android to riders in 119 countries. The Bavarian motorcycle …

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FUSAR Smart helmet has unlimited range

Smart helmet kit has unlimited range

Any motorcycle or bicycle helmet can now be turned into a smart “Iron Man” helmet with the FUSAR app and various associated hardware products that even allows unlimited-range communication. While many riders may bemoan the coming wave of hi-tech connectivity being introduced to motorcycle and helmet electronics, there is no turning back the tide, it …

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Computer riding course app

Motorcycle riding course now on mobile app

An online American rider training course introduced in 2014 on desktop is now available on an app for Apple and Android mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation online Basic eCourse has been taken by more than 60,000 students in 39 countries, from Australia to Uruguay. The interactive three-hour Basic eCourse costs $US19.99 …

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CurbNinja parking app

Free parking app for motorcycles

A new, free parking app has been launched to help riders find paid or even free motorcycle parking spaces in some of the world’s busiest cities. City parking for motorcycles is a problem in most major cities with high costs, low availability and lack of security. It’s a shame more cities aren’t like Melbourne which …

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Aprilia joins forces with Skully

Aprilia goes hi-tech with HUD

Aprilia has just made a couple of hi-tech leaps into the future where the bike talks to your helmet and phone. The Italian motorcycle company has announced a collaboration with American helmet company Skully who are releasing the world’s first commercially available helmet with head-up display and has developed Aprilia Multimedia Platform (aMP) which connects …

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