Gibbs Biski amphibious motorcycle

Amphibious motorcycle hits the water

Aussie stunt king Robbie Maddison recently showed you can make a motorcycle ride on water when he surfed in Tahiti (watch the video below), but now everyone can do it with the Gibbs Biski (above). New Zealand inventor Alan Gibbs of Gibbs Sports Amphibians has unveiled three amphibious recreational concepts at the American International Motorcycle expo in …

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KTM bikeboat

Amphibious KTM ‘BikeBoat’ explodes in flame

Plans to ride from Russia to the USA across the Bering Strait in an amphibious KTM inflatable “bikeboat” have gone up in flames in a test crossing of the English Channel. The venture was started by Frenchman Francis Lamotte who has converted his KTM 690 into an amphibious bike. Australian biker Patrick Coleman met Francis …

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