smart Racer gloves hold medical info

Smart motorcycle gloves hold medical info

Riders are well advised to keep their medical information on them in the unfortunate event of a crash. There are many ways to carry important medical information such as blood type, allergies, emergency contacts, etc. Medical info You can store them on a USB stick on your keyring, keep a card in your wallet, or …

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Crashes Queensland NSW police crash accidents

Two riders die in separate crashes

A 22-year-old rider and a 72-year-old rider have died in separate crashes in Queensland and NSW yesterday afternoon and police are keen to speak to riders in the area at the time. Mudgee crash NSW Police are interested in speaking to about five motorcyclists who were in the vicinity a crash near Mudgeee about 3pm …

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DayGlo Queensland Police education

Police plan two-day education campaign

An education campaign which has been running for several years will take a step up this weekend (24-25 August 2019) with a two-day “community engagement” of riders on road safety. Nerang Police Station and Coomera Road Policing Unit are planning the event at the Numinbah Valley School of Arts Hall on Saturday and Sunday 24-25 August 2019 leading into Road Safety …

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Road safety crash accident motorcycle focus bleeding ambulance ride paramedic

Why don’t medics rush at a crash scene?

If you’ve ever been a witness at a motorcycle crash scene you may have noticed that medics (ambulance officers and paramedics) do not seem to be in any rush. I was at the scene of a crash on Abercrombie Rd near Obern, NSW, and several riders were anxious and expressed concern because the first responders …

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roadkill doctor

Royal Flying Doctor Service warns of roos

Riders heading into the Outback should be aware of the dangers of hitting kangaroos, says the Royal Flying Doctor Service whose planes have even hit them.  “The roo problem is significant as they come to the edges of the road to graze in the current drought conditions,” a spokeswoman for the RFDS NSW/ACT says. “Road accidents as …

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Road safety crash accident motorcycle focus bleeding ambulance ride paramedic

Are you covered for an ambulance ride?

Many riders may not realise that if they are involved in a crash, they may not be covered for what could be a very long and expensive ambulance ride. Freebies The good news for permanent Queensland and Tasmanian residents is that they are covered. Even if they travel interstate and crash. That includes all emergency …

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Cops Police motorcycles witnesses emergency fatal witnesses police pursuit unlicensed 280km

NSW joins emergency slow-down rule

NSW will join Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia with a new road rule requiring all motorists to slow down when passing stationary or slow-moving emergency vehicles. In NSW, WA and Victoria, motorists have to slow to 40km/h, but they have to slow to 25km/h in SA. Queensland has rejected Police Union calls for a …

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Police lights emergency vehicles

Call for 40km/h past emergency vehicles

Emergency services workers are pushing for national approval of the new Victorian rule that vehicles must slow to 40km/h when passing parked or slow-moving emergency vehicles. This is despite the fact that one day after Victoria introduce the new rule a truck slammed into the rear of a small sedan that had slowed to 40km/h on …

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First Aid for Motorcyclists course knights helmet removal

Helmet removal update for ambulance

A manual for ambulance officers on safe motorcycle helmet removal from a crashed rider is being rewritten to accommodate latest technologies. Unfortunately, it has not yet been approved or adopted at a national level, but it is being promoted across Australia, New Zealand and PNG by the Council of Ambulance Authorities. The concern about removing …

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Karen Caruso hit an ambulance that ran a red light

No charges in ambulance and bike crash

Police investigations into a crash between a motorcycle and an ambulance that went through a red light have concluded with no charges laid for driver or rider. The crash happened at a set of lights at 11am on September 28, 2016, in Vermont South, Melbourne, between a Victorian Ambulance Ford Territory and Karen Caruso on …

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