Matt Le Blanc wheelies electric Alta

Matt Le Blanc says electric bikes ‘the future’

“This is definitely the future,” says Matt Le Blanc in the latest Top Gear video where he and motoring journalist Chris Harris ride electric dirt bikes through a forest looking for Big Foot. It’s a great endorsement for electric motorcycles; at least for riding off-roading. However, the only problem is they are riding Alta Redshifts …

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Alta Redshift MXR Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles EV doomed

Harley-Davidson partners with electric Alta

Harley-Davidson is launching an electric bike in 2019 and has now acquired a stake in Alta Motors which makes electric off-road motorcycles (pictured above). In 2014, Harley revealed its Livewire Project electric sports bike which we rode later that year in LA. However, when the company recently announced it would launch an electric bike on …

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