Alpine MotoSafe earplugs make riders safer sound

Alpine MotoSafe earplugs make riders safer

Alpine Hearing Protection has improved their universal-fit MotoSafe earplugs to not only protect riders’ hearing, but also make them more relaxed and safer. If you have ringing in your ears after a log ride, you are damaging your hearing. It’s even worse if you have Bluetooth helmet speakers belting music into your ears above the …

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Alpine MotoSafe earplugs - motorcycle songs

Alpine earplugs offer riders protection

Wind noise is the biggest cause of hearing loss among riders, so some sort of earplug hearing protection is vital. However, if you still want to hear the music from the speakers in your helmet or your bike’s audio system, then you should try a set of filtered earplugs such as the Alpine MotoSafe earplugs which …

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