motogp airbag suits

MotoGP makes airbag suits compulsory

MotoGP riders have been wearing airbag suits since 2007 to protect them in a crash, but from this year they will become mandatory in all classes. If airbag suits are good enough for MotoGP riders, they are also good enough for you. Helite makes airbag vests and jackets for a fraction of the cost of …

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2006 Honda Gold Wing Airbag plea

Honda’s plea over airbag recall

A recent fatal Sydney car crash has prompted Honda Australia Motorcycle to make an unprecedented third plea for Goldwing owners to check whether their bike is included in a safety recall over faulty airbags. A 58-year-old man died on July 13 when his Honda CRV crashed and the driver was “struck in the neck by …

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Karen Curley Bathurst Circuit in Helite airbag vest

Reader reviews Helite airbag vest

Rider Karen Curley of Canberra recently sent us photos of her wearing a Helite airbag vest at Mount Panorama Circuit on a ride with my fellow FRoCers (Female Riders of Canberra). She won the Helite airbag safety vest earlier this year in a Motorbike Writer competition to launch the safety product via our new online shop. “As …

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Checkout our new shop & win!

MBW – Shop launch The MBW team are proud to announce the launch of our new Motorcycle Gear Shop. We’ve scoured the world for interesting products for our shop. We’ve reviewed them and stand by them; so you can do a bit of motorbike shopping while you’re browsing the latest motorcycle news. We’ve also produced our own …

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Helite Airvest offers airbag protection in a motorcycle crash barriers

Helite airbag provides vital torso protection

You can have the same airbag upper-body protection as MotoGP riders but for a fraction of the cost, thanks to the Helite Airvest and Helite jackets. The airbag vest is worn over the top of any motorcycle jacket and inflates on impact to protect the upper body. The Helite textile and leather jackets include the airbag. BUY …

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BMW launches airbag jacket

BMW Motorrad and Alpinestars have collaborated to produce a textile jacket with an airbag for use on the road and in off-road riding. The Street Air jacket follows a BMW and Alpinestars DoubleR RaceAir one-piece leather race suit in 2014. If that is any indication, it could be quite expensive as the Alpinestars vest component, …

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Airbag crash test

Airbags next in motorcycle safety?

Airbags have been credited with being the biggest lifesaver since the invention of the seatbelt and now they are slowly coming to motorcycles and riders. The latest is an airbag vest and jacket developed jointly by BMW and Dainese. There is no word yet from BMW Motorrad Australia or Dainese distributors about a release date or price, but it …

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BMW adds airbags

BMW riders will soon be surrounded by airbags with the Bavarian company making a range of motorcycles and rider equipment with inflatable protection. BMW Motorrad and Italian rider gear manufacturers Dainese have announced a joint long-term agreement to develop the patented Dainese D-Air Protect System into BMW bikes and rider gear. The system features an …

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