Harley-Davidson Street Rod Singapore traffic congestion night motorcycles moon

Carrot and stick for electric vehicles

Singapore plans a carrot and stick approach to phase out fossil-fuel-powered vehicles by 2040 with a raft of attractive incentives for electric vehicles on top of bans on some fossil-fuelled vehicles. The carrot includes a 45% rebate up to $20,000, an increase in charging points from 1600 to 28,000 and a cheaper lump-sum road tax …

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spidi mission beta concept smoke acket

Jacket protects from bushfire smoke

Italian motorcycle rider protection company SPIDI is working on a smog-proof jacket and mask that could protect riders from the current bushfire smoke spread across NSW and Queensland. The Spidi Mission Beta is currently just a concept. However, it seems to be an advancement on their Beta Pro which has a special waterproof membrane and …

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Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica cat catalytic

Is it legal to remove your motorbike’s cat?

Police are allegedly fining riders who remove the catalytic convertor or cat from their motorcycle, according to several motorcycle dealers. While the replacement of the muffler or exhaust system may contravene noise rules, removing the cat has nothing to do with noise, but with air pollution. The cat is that ugly metal box often underneath your …

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Belgium Plan to ban motorcycles from Brussels CBD

Plan to ban motorcycles from Brussels CBD

Belgium, which recognised the advantages of motorcycle commuting, may soon ban motorcycles from the Brussels CBD. In 2011, the Belgian Leuven Transport and Mobility study found if 10% of all private cars were replaced by motorcycles, it would reduce traffic congestion by 40%. However, the Belgian environment department is now considering banning motorcycles from Brussels because they …

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R-PUR anti-pollution and anti-pollen motorcyclist face mask ventilators

Face mask protects against pollution

If you are worried about air pollution when riding or are allergic to airborne pollens, the French R-PUR face mask may be the solution. Their crowd-funding project is more than 345% oversubscribed so we expect it will go into production. It costs €119 ($A180, $US139) each, including one replacement filter. Clean air However, if you …

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French riders protest a proposed ban on old motorcycles

Riders protest ban on old motorcycles

How long will it be before air-pollution Nazis around the world follow the lead of the Paris mayor who wants to ban old motorcycles? In an effort to curb air pollution in the crowded city, Mayor Anne Hidalgo is seeking to restrict the bikes registered before 2000 in major areas of the French capital between 8am …

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