Ducati disc rear wheel

Future of disc motorcycle wheels

Will we see disc wheels on motorcycles in the future to cut drag, increase performance, and improve handling and fuel economy? The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy has had a solid wheel for many years and there are a lot of custom aftermarket disc wheels available, but these are designed for aesthetics. However, there are possible practical …

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Dirty fuel - ethanol fuel economy

Why do motorcycles have low fuel economy?

Why do most motorcycles have fuel economy no better than many light diesel and even petrol cars despite being a lot lighter and smaller? It’s a question that some riders are posing, while many others simply don’t care; they just twist the wrist and revel in the aural delights of burning fossil fuels! And that’s one …

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2016 Ducati MotoGP bike wings

Will motorcycles start sprouting wings?

The aerodynamic wing additions to MotoGP bikes in recent years have resulted in the ridiculous looking 2016 Ducati team’s bikes with big, ugly wings called strakes. It may help the Italian factory win some races – unless the sharp protuberances are banned as a danger to other riders – but how many fans will it …

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Monoliner in the MIRA Wind Tunnel in February 2015

Are aerodynamic electric bikes the future?

  An aerodynamic “Monoliner” motorcycle has recorded the lowest aerodynamic coefficient of drag for a motorcycle in a wind tunnel and could prove to be the future of electric bikes, according to a British aviation electrician/mechanic. Monoliner project leader Colin Russell now wants to take his Monoliner racing in the European Moto E electric bike …

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