MRAQ Rider representative group closes down

Who will fill rider representation void?

The RACQ says it will help fill the perceived void in rider representation to government after the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland officially closed last week. Former president Chris Mearns blamed the MRAQ closure on rider apathy. Comments on our article about the closure last week offer a wide variety of views of the efficacy of the MRAQ …

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Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland photo - riders at Federal Parliament mandatory recalls representative road safety survey

Rider representatives in no-win situation

Rider representatives walk a thin line between working with governments and criticising them for their frequent dumb decisions and neglect of rider rights and needs. They often incur the wrath of riders for cozying up to governments and not criticising them enough. It can be a no-win situation for those who represent riders. We sometimes …

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Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm

Don’t leave lobbying to politicians

Riders and their representative groups need to become political and not leave the lobbying to a few sympathetic politicians, says Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm. He has been a Senator since 2014, addressed the first anti-VLAD protest in 2013 and produced this video of his party’s motorcycle issues and drafted a motorcycle policy for the last election. …

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