Harley ads

Harley-Davidson ads turn philosophical

Harley-Davidson has long been a great promoter of its brand and its latest video ads are no exception with an appeal to the psychological wellbeing of riding. This first ad shows the stresses of modern life and cleverly switches to how riding shatters all those pressures. It ends with the simple message: “Breathe. Ride.” Click …

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Funniest motorcycle ads

Top 10 funniest motorcycle ads

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen motorcycle commercials on TV, let alone something clever, inspiring and funny, so we have collected our favourite funniest video bike ads over the years. Before we get into the funniest ads, we would like to pose a question: Have changing attitudes and the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) …

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advertising standards killing motorcycles

Are advertising standards killing motorcycles?

Remember advertising with motorcycles doing wheelies and burnouts and bikes draped in near-naked women? Changing attitudes and the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) have virtually wiped out this sort of advertising. Has this taken some of the thrill and sex out of motorbikes? Could this be contributing to the downturn in sales, particularly among younger people? …

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Petrol fuel service station Garry McCoy

Time to promote fuel economy benefits

Fuel prices have soared across the country, yet none of the motorcycle companies is advertising fuel economy or other advantages to riding, compared with cars or public transport. Surely with prices for fuel at near-record levels, motorcycles and scooters must be an attractive proposition for a lot of motorists. A modern 250cc motorcycle or scooter …

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