Harley plans adventure, streetfighters and electric bicycles missing

Why are adventure bikes getting bigger?

When Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor rode around the world in 2004 on BMW R 1150 GS Adventure bikes we saw how difficult the bigger bikes were in tough terrain. Since then, BMW has gone to an R 1200 GS and now an even bigger R 1250 GS. Meanwhile, Ducati from a Multistrada 1200 to 1260 …

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2018-KTM-Adventure-Rallye KTM Australia has issued a video teaser of its forthcoming full-length feature film about its recent Adventure Rallye, including chopper rescues of several crashed riders.

KTM Rallye video shows rider rescues

KTM Australia has issued a video teaser of its forthcoming full-length feature film about its recent Adventure Rallye, including chopper rescues of several crashed riders. The short teaser video doesn’t shy away from the obvious “adventure” or danger of the third annual KTM Australia Adventure Rallye. Rider rescues Instead, it shows the harsh terrain and rescues …

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Better to travel Psychology mental health Transport Adventure dementia road trip travel motorcycles solo

Essentials for riding solo safely

Travelling solo can be scary especially if it is overseas for the first time. To begin with, there are a million questions that you might ask yourself and end up not getting answers. For instance, you might want to know where to go, if there would be someone to chat with, what will happen there, …

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Somewhere else tomorrow - film festival

Your motorcycle trip edited by pros

The annual Adventure Travel Film Festival in Victoria, in February, is offering adventure riders and travellers the opportunity to have their video professionally edited. While hours and hours of video may be of interest to you, a sub-10-minute film would be more palatable to the public and could be seen on YouTube by millions. To …

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Honda adventure scooter in action

Honda has released a second video of its City Adventure Concept in action on rough dirt roads and a promise of more information on September 15, 2016. The City Adventure Concept features longer-travel suspension, upside-down forks, knobby tyres, wire wheels and a higher-clearance body and exhaust. It is based on the NC750X and Integra with the same frame, 745cc parallel-twin …

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What's the best adventure bike

What’s the best adventure bike?

The adventure bike market has exploded since Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman rode around the world on 1150cc juggernauts across rivers, down highways and through sand, mud and gravel. Today there are adventure bikes from 500cc with nothing more advanced than electric start through to 1200cc with more electronic gadgets than James Bond and Maxwell …

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Yamaha sponsors adventure ride

Yamaha has followed the successful formal of BMW with its GS Safari by sponsoring an adventure ride from Melbourne to Sydney – the long way round. The inaugural seven-day Bridge-to-Bridge Ride-ADV event starts at Westgate Bridge in Melbourne on April 17, 2016, and ends at Sydney Harbour Bridge on Sunday April 24. Ride-ADV is a …

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Touratech Travel Event madagascar insolvency

2016 Touratech travel event planned

If you plan an epic motorcycle tour, it might be worth attending the annual Touratech Australia Travel Event in Bright, Victoria, next year to get some expert tips on riding, gear, bike accessories and basic bike mechanics and maintenance. The 2016 Touratech Travel Event will be held from March 18-20 at Bright at the foot of …

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