Thunderstruck music KTM 1050 Adventure

Music can leave riders Thunderstruck

Playing AC/DC’s Thunderstruck while riding may be dangerous to some motorcyclists, according to psychologist and rider Sharon Ledger. In a previous article Sharon outlined how music can have good and bad effects on different riders. Read the article here. Even if you are the type of rider who benefits from music, the type of music …

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Top 10 highway songs

Highway songs get me going on those boring multi-lane stretches where you would otherwise go to sleep. There doesn’t seem anything glamourous about rockin’ or rollin’ down the highway. Those soulless multi-lane stretches of over-policed, under-speed-rated boringly straight asphalt seem as far removed from the heart of rock and roll as a ladies bowls club. …

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Ride the night away moon

Top 10 motorcycle songs

What are the best motorcycle songs? Listen to Keef’s chord changes at the start of “Brown Sugar”. Go on, do it now. It sounds like he’s starting up a motorcycle engine and then changing up the gears doesn’t it? It always gets me doing the same thing whenever I hear it. And that’s what makes …

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