Safer stop signs

Smart stop signs may be safer for riders

Stop signs that may be difficult to see could be made safer with solar-powered smart stop signs that recognise an approaching vehicle and flash a warning light. The signs, which are the brainchild of Texas University engineers, would help protect riders against vehicles running through these intersections. Riders can be forgiven for having some scepticism …

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nsw cops police Horror bike crashes in two states

Rider and pillion injured in hit/run

The recent spate of hit-and-run crashes leaving motorcyclists injured and dead has continued with an incident early this morning in Sydney. A male rider and his female pillion, both in their 30s, suffered leg injuries after a collision with a vehicle about 1.20am (8 April 2019) at the intersection of Forest Road and Jersey Avenue, Penshurst. …

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Only dopes ride high! marijuana Diesel spill transport department NSW roads traffic motorcycles spills friday 13th unlicensed

Concerns over unlicensed rider crashes

Two recent incidents of 14-year-old boys stealing and crashing a motorcycle and scooter have again raised the issue of unlicensed riders adding to the motorcycle crash statistics. Queensland Police have charged a 14-year-old Manunda boy with numerous offences involving a stolen motorcycle, hitting and injuring a five-year-old boy in the street and leaving the scene …

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Rider deaths tragic

NSW Police cite speed in tragic week

NSW Police look set for a major crackdown on riders in the wake of five tragic motorcyclist deaths in the past week and a rider clocked at 193km/h in an 80 zone in north-western Sydney. Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy of the state’s Traffic & Highway Patrol Command issued a statement saying that the motorcyclist’s behaviour is …

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Victoria Solo Unit motorcycle police uniforms patrols

Extra police hours for more patrols

Victorian Police will work an extra 300 shifts over the next 10 weeks to increase patrols of the state’s roads after a tragic start to the year. So far this year there have been 76 lives lost on Victorian roads compared with 51 at the same time last year. That includes 20 riders, double the …

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Police bias in bike crash probe

Police bias in motorcycle crash probe

A driver who crossed double white lines and killed a teenage motorcyclist was charged with a traffic offence rather than manslaughter in an investigation marred by police bias. A Northern Territory Coronial Inquest has been told police took five weeks to interview the female driver of the Subaru wagon that hit 16-year-old Xavier Lengyal’s bike …

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Selfies new scourge of road deaths

Selfies the new scourge of road deaths

If you think talking or texting on a mobile phone while driving is dangerous, a new trend of taking selfies has emerged to further endanger riders’ lives. A US study has found more than 15% of drivers say they take selfies while driving. And 5% “go live” while driving, possibly imitating James Corden’s enormously popular Carpool Karaoke. The …

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Blind spot SMIDSY Continental German tech company Continental is working on a system to make thick A pillars in cars invisible so drivers can see motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Technology to make A pillars invisible

German tech company Continental is working on a system to make thick A pillars in cars invisible so drivers can see motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. Most modern cars’ A pillars have have curtain airbags and rollover protection which makes them thick, presenting a huge blind spot that obscures small and vulnerable road users such as …

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victoria nsw cops police Horror bike crashes in two states rider deaths

Horror motorcycle crashes in two states

Three motorcyclists are critically injured following a horror night on the roads in NSW and Victoria with police appealing for witnesses to the crashes, including one hit and run. On initial police reports, it appears that two of the incidents were the fault of drivers. Our best wishes to the injured riders for a full …

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Victoria Solo Unit motorcycle police uniforms long weekend

Police target riders on long weekend.

Victorian Police will target both road and off-road motorcyclists this Labour Day long weekend in the annual Operation Arid. Extra police resources, including 10 more “booze and drug buses”, will be deployed in priority areas, including Wangaratta/Benalla, Yarra Ranges, Geelong/ Moorabool, Glen Eira and Greater Dandenong. The operation runs from 12.01am tomorrow (8 March 2019) …

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