Could self-cancelling indicators prevent T-bone crashes? Motorcycle crash road safety first aid SMIDSY scientific

Should bikes have auto indicators?

Could self-cancelling indicators save riders from motorists driving right out in front of them, resulting in a T-bone crash? There is no research to back up the claim, except my own experience, a couple of fellow riders’ anecdotes and the suspicions of Dr Ross Blackman, research associate at the Centre for Accident Research & Road …

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Police cops speed speeding motogp

Motorcycles, speed and crime linked

Repeat high-speed offenders are more likely to hold a motorcycle licence and have a criminal history, according to a Queensland University of Technology study. It suggests more severe penalties for these offenders including vehicle impoundment, speed-limiting devices and drink-driving-style sanctions. The “Accident Analysis and Prevention” study was compiled by researchers at the QUT Centre for …

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