Nera 3D printed electric bike wth airless tyres

3D electric bike has airless tyres

This 3D-printed electric motorcycle has several features that could come to future bikes including airless tyres, forkless steering and a flexible bumper. The NERA E-Motorcycle prototype was made by NOWLAB manufacturing laboratory which has locations in Boston, Berlin and Singapore. 3D printing They claim it is the world’s first fully 3D printed working e-motorcycle. Other …

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3D Light Rider bike

3D printed Airbus motorcycles set to fly

Producing motorcycles with a 3D printer has moved to the next stage with the Airbus aviation company now printing and selling electric motorcycles. The global company that makes Airbus planes also operates large-scale industrial printers to produce components. Now they have turned their attention to producing an electric motorcycle frame using aluminium powder. It’s called the …

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3D printing

3D printing a working motorcycle

It was only a matter of time, but now an American company has printed out a working motorcycle using a 3D printer. It may not be much longer before manufacturers are doing the same, or at least printing out components using lightweight plastic composite materials and even metal. The first 3D-printed working motorcycle was produced …

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