Bali scooter crash

Sydney rider dies in Bali scooter crash

Sydney motorcycle dealer Peter Raymond Robinson, 59, has died in Bali when a truck ran through a red light and hit his scooter on Friday (7 June 2019).

Bali police have arrested the truck driver, 24-year-old Dicky Agung Wijaksana.

Graphic CCTV footage of the crash was posted on Instagram showing Peter’s head being run over by the truck’s rear wheel. We have chosen not to publish the video.

Bali scooter crash
Peter’s damaged scooter

Bali dangers

One Aussie tourist dies every nine days on the popular Indonesian tourist island.

In the past three months, three Australians have been killed in scooter crashes.

In April, Queensland father Erran Braddick, 32, died after being hit by a truck in Canggu, north of Seminyak, and in March Frankie Avalon Fonohema, 27, of Melbourne died after a scooter crash with a motorcycle, also in Canggu.

Our sincere condolences to their families and friends.

Holiday scooters

Bali scooter crash
Bali is a beautiful place to ride … but dangerous

Many Aussies holiday in Bali and many hire scooters and motorcycles to tour the island.

It is an offence to ride without a helmet in Bali and offenders will cop an on-the-spot fine.

If you try to bribe an officer, you could cop an extra fine.

Yet many tourists choose to flout the law and run the risk.

It is not suggested that any of these riders did not wear a helmet.

In fact, the CCTV images show Peter was wearing a helmet and no amount of rider gear could have saved him.

We suggest that all riders heading overseas take extra care to acclimatise to the traffic.

Road rules and traffic behaviour can be radically different to what you would be used to.

Riders should also ensure they have adequate travel insurance to cover them in case of an unfortunate accident.

  1. Another thing worth noting with regard to accidents overseas: in some countries, you may be able to rent a motorcycle or scooter without showing a licence, but if you do not have a valid motorcycle licence in Australia any insurance policy you have will be void. The insurance company will simply not pay up. Be warned.

  2. Hi,
    I have not seen the video and don’t know what exactly happened here, but you wrote “the CCTV images show Peter was wearing a helmet and no amount of rider gear could have saved.”
    There is a viral video out there where a truck rolls over someone’s head with helmet on and he walks away. Is it possible this was just a cheap rental helmet which barely fulfills the safety requirements – if at all?

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