2019 Katana desposits

Suzuki unveils 2019 Katana 1000

Suzuki has unveiled its 2019 Katana sports bike as company President Toshihiro Suzuki remised they would unveil 10 new “large” bike models in 2020/21.

“There is much more to come from Suzuki,” he said at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne.

2019 Katana2019 Katana Suzuki

The 2019 Katana has several styling cues from the old Katana including sharp lines, sports screen, half-fairing, stepped two-tone seat, stubby black exhaust and rectangular headlight.

Modern styling changes and features include full LED lighting, a remote rear fender and a massive catalytic convertor underneath.2019 Katana

The biggest change is straight bars instead of clip-ons, so it might be ergonomically less painful to ride.

It was suspected that Suzuki would turbocharge the Katana, but it’s naturally aspirated and water-cooled.2019 Katana

Power comes from a long-stroke version of the fuel-injected 999cc inline-four engine from the GSX-S1000F with 110kW at 10,000rpm and 108Nm of torque at 9500rpm.

Suzuki says  the “induction roar and exhaust note have been tuned to heighten the visceral riding sensation, while also adding to increased performance and combustion efficiency”.2019 Katana

It also features a back-torque-limiting clutch, Suzuki’s three-mode Traction Control System and new tyres with a tubeless inner structure designed exclusively for the Katana.

There are also Fujico disc brakes with Brembo front brake calipers and ABS.

Suzuki makes a point of saying the seat is comfortable, but its fairly high at 825mm.

Suzuki Australian says the Katana is expected to arrive during the third quarter of 2019 with final specifications and pricing announced closer to launch.

2019 Katana Suzuki

2019 GSX models

Suzuki also unveiled their 2019 GSX-R1000 and GSX-R1000R updated with bi-directional quick shift, stainless steel brake cable and cosmetic updates.

Their also released a GSX-S750 reduced power (35kW) version for European markets to attract learner riders. It would not suit Australia’s Learner-Approved Motorcycle Scheme which is limited to 660cc.

  1. as an original owner back in the day, i was hoping for this to happen, i would have been first in the queue to buy one, but its just a gsx thou with a quick tarted up exercise carried out, they could have really done something with this opportunity (like kawsaki did with the z900) its not good enough to make me want to buy one.

    1. Yes, agree totally, I owned GT550, GT750, GS750, GS1000, GSX750, all great bikes and still have Suzuki as the pinnacle of technical development (GSR1300rHayabusa since 2002) – but this is a disappointment – I bought the Kawasaki Z900rs on spec and have no problem with it, think it is a great bike and waited for the Suzuki to top it but it hasn’t, won’t be buying one – agree, the new one has no relationship to the old – GSX with a paint job – Suzuki – you an do better with your history.

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