Suzuki sportsbikes go turbo

Suzuki-RecursionCould turbo-charging be the future for Suzuki sportsbikes?
As the Japanese manufacturer releases photos and details of its 2014 GSXR-1000, it has also previewed a couple of concept bikes which will be featured at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.
One is the spunky looking Recursion with a turbo-charged 588cc parallel twin that pumps out 75kW of power at 8000rpm and a massive 100Nm of peak torque from just 4500rpm.
The Recursion concept sportsbike may not have a litre-capacity engine and may be 30kW shy of the naturally aspirated Gixxer, but it is only 10Nm short and looks to be way lighter.Suzuki-EXTRIGGER
Todays turbos are compact and reliable, and able to be tuned for manageable power delivery rather than scary “light-switch” response. Car companies have been using turbos for years to make cars lighter,  smaller and more fuel efficient without sacrificing power and pleasure.
Recursion means “flowing back, repeating” which is what a turbo does with the exhaust.
It has a cast chassis with a single-sided swingarm and single front disc brake which should be enough since it’s a mid-weight bike.
The other concept is the Extrigger, an electric monkey bike for children.
Meanwhile, the largely unchanged 2014 GSX-R1000 still has no traction control or ABS like many of its competitors.
It is still powered by a 999cc inline-four with 130kW of power and a kerb weight of 203kg.
New for 2014 are paint schemes and a higher grip seat. That’s it.
Bring on the turbos!
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