Trail Riding Survey

Survey for trail bike riding

Trail bike riders are being asked to complete a survey so the volunteer NSW Recreational Trail Bike Riders can develop a strategic plan.

The group was formed as a sub-committee of the Motorcycle Council of NSW in July 2020.

Spokesman Adrian Bois says that with an estimated 75,000 recreational trail bike riders in NSW, there was a need for a peak body to represent their concerns about access to riding areas.

“Our aim is to take those concerns to the relevant bodies in order to create a viable relationship that ensures the future of trail riding in NSW,” he says.

“The committee’s first task is undertaking a collaborative approach to the development of our NSW Trail Bike Strategic Plan.

“We will be engaging with all stakeholders such as Riders, FCAI, NPWS, NSW Police, Office of Sport, Outdoors NSW, Forestry Corporation and LGAs.”

They recently launched a website and prepared the Recreational Trail Bike Rider survey.

The survey asks details about you such as your age and occupation, your bike licence and where you live.

It also asks about your riding such as your skill level, where and when you ride, who with and how frequently.

The survey also asks if you have ever had a licence check while riding in a forest.

Then it seeks guidance on whether the trails rules should be changed, concerns about the current system, preserving trail bike areas and how councils and the NSW Trail Riders can help.

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