Harley-Davidson sponsors Brad Jones Racing Supercars team

Supercars team goes Harley

Most of the Supercars drivers also ride motorcycles and Harley-Davidson has recognised that a lot of their fans also ride motorcycles.

So it comes as no surprise that Harley-Davidson Australia and New Zealand has sponsored Brad Jones Racing.

Team boss Brad Jones says he spent a lot of time on two wheels as a kid.

“In my youth, all I did was race motorcycles and my dream was to race Harley-Davidsons on the half mile flat tracks in America,” he says.

“For me, a motorcycle isn’t just a product, it’s an experience. Harley-Davidson really connect with their customers in that respect.

“The loyalty people show with their Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a really special thing.”Harley-Davidson sponsors Brad Jones Racing Supercars team

HD Oz has had a long association with Supercars, sponsoring various drivers and having their display and Jump Start at many events, including the Bathurst 1000.

Even a corner of the famous mountain track, Forrest’s Elbow, is named after motorcycle racer Jack Forrest who scraped his elbow away after laying down his bike on the corner.

Boss Nigel Keough says there is a strong connection between Harley-Davidson fans and motorsport fans, particularly Supercars.

“Brad Jones Racing is an authentic, enthusiastic team that has its origins in bond and family, which resonate through the Harley-Davidson brand and riding community,” he says.

“And of course we have a great association with Freightliner, who are one of the team’s principal sponsors, because they haul our mobile merchandise store and H-D1 Custom Shop across the country.”

  1. Well it is all about the image you want to project, no surprise then that HD won’t be advertising with Massey Ferguson :). Yeah ok , it was a cheap shot.

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