Street to take over from V-Rod?

2016 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle air-cooled

This is the last year for the Harley-Davidson V-Rod models, dealers were told at the recent international conference in Boston.

Now the rumour mill is starting to churn about what will replace the water-cooled muscle machine and we believe it could be the water-cooled Street family.

Harley has successfully returned to the AMA Pro Flat Track championships this season with its XG750R and fellow American Indian Motorcycle will debut their Scout FTR750 at the Santa Rosa race on Sunday, September 25, 2016.

The highly anticipated showdown on the track could lead to new production models from the two American manufacturers; a smaller Scout and a larger Street.

Indian FTR750
Indian FTR750

Currently, Australia only gets the Street 500, not the Street 750, but that could change when the V-Rod disappears from the line-up.

And there could be bigger engine capacities to come in the Street family in future to replace the 1250cc V-Rod, while Indian could feasibly produce a smaller-capacity Scout.

The VRSC V-Rod family was launched in 2002 as the Milwaukee company’s first completely new road model in 50 years.

The bike was developed in conjunction with Porsche, but was not widely appreciated by traditional Harley fans, mainly because it was water-cooled.

While it has never performed well in America, Australia has been one of the biggest markets in the world for the muscle cruiser, attracting a new type of Harley customer.

The Night Rod Special and Muscle models have been particularly popular with younger riders on the Gold Coast and Sydney.

Harley-Davidson Australia marketing director Adam Wright confirms model year 2016 will be the last for the V-Rod family.

“The VRSC family has certainly been an innovative product that has added diversification to our model line up over the years,” he says.

“However we are now focusing our strengths and leadership on delivering powerful cruiser and touring models like the all new Milwaukee Eight to the market place.”

Until a replacement comes for the V-ROd, Adam believes there are several current models that will attract former V-Rod customers.

“We have also recently had some great cruiser motorcycles added to the line-up such as the CVO Pro Street Breakout as well as the all new Dyna Low Rider S model which have been welcomed additions,” he says.

They could also gravitate toward the Fat Boy S and Slim S Softails with the 110 Screamin’ Eagle engine.



  1. Harley Davidson biggest and best move ever was the collaboration with Porche in developing the V-Rod series of motorcycles.My first HD was an 1980 FXWG 80cu in,it was an improvement on the AMF-Harley Davidsons but still required improvements in the handling,braking and performance areas an extra cost for an already expensive motorcycle.My next HD was an 1990 Heritage Softail,a brilliant bike and an improvement in leaps and bounds over anything that came prior.Then in 2007 I purchased my Night Rod and in my opinion the best engineered and most well developed motorcycle they ever had the wisdom to manufacture.Now we hear that the Night Rod and Muscle will not be part of the 2018 range of HDs.The only drawback with the V Rod series is its touring capabilities in regard to carrying of luggage,a minor inconvenience when one considers just how brilliant these machines are.HD can bring out Eight Valve,Oil Cooled 45°Big Twins but from my point of view it is just a rehash of the same old bike that will attract the 50/60 odd year old riders that haven’t ridden a bike since they 18years of age who will strut about with their leather vests,johnny reb boots and the biggest belt buckle they can buy and don’t know shit from clay,BAD MOVE HARLEY DAVIDSON

  2. Harley Davidson is making a huge mistake, I ride a Night Rod special, been riding for 41 years, it’s the best bike I’ve ever been on. This made me a Harley supporter. I rode a GSXR 1000 Suzuki before the Night Rod and have never missed my superbike while riding the Harley. Surely they don’t think anything else they sell can match the Night Rod. If they do then they’ve lost touch with reality. This bike caters for a part of the market that will move on to something else. Maybe Harley only wants the slow and noisy riders which is sad, Harley used to race before most bikes even existed. They have forgotten their roots, where they come from and that loyalty should be part of their legacy.

  3. I just can’t believe that they are stopping v rod. Gosh that was my dream bike. Had been waiting to buy the v rod this years been planning for couple of years. Shame on Harley for letting it go. Now am confused what next I should think about buying. May I know what was the real reason for them to stop production on v rod.

  4. yes this is sad. have owned 3 v-rods. night rod. night rod special and the real street rod 2007 model all 3 would run between 145 to 150 mph.. harley has never made anything to hang with these bikes.. the 750 street rod needs a new name!! thanks, dave

    1. I’ve also owned three VRods because the HD liquid cooled engines were built to be low maintenance and hold up to any task. I’ve ridden cross country through desert heat and the high Sierra and off road and in freezing weather.

  5. Harley Davidson is losing me as a customer. The Breakout is the only thing with enough ass to stand up to the V-Rod until you get to 80MPH, after that it’s done. Stick a fork in it. While you shift into 5th or 6th I will be leaving you behind at the top of 2nd. Plus the Breakout is almost twice as much money completely stock. Harley must be getting its reports from the Democrats because there is nothing to take the place of the V-ROD no matter how big you make your OIL COOLER.

  6. They don’t have anything close to the VROD. The Milwaukee 8 is junk compared to the VRod motor. I have yet to meet a bagger or Dyna that can keep up, hell I could have a passenger and still beat single riders on there 113 or 110 POS.

  7. If Harley think the Street (even in a 750 configuration) would be a replacement for the big (albeit a little heavy) brawny VROD then they are dreaming. i can’t believe ANYONE except total noobs go for the Street anyway. Largely indistuingishable from a Yamazuki HD clone of any sort I find it embarrassing for the poor sod that pulls up next to me at the lights. Think I’d rather be seen on my wife’s Aprilia scooter.

  8. So Sad.
    I have been on two wheels for over 50 years and had many bikes in that time.
    The two that impressed me the most were a XS650 Yamaha and a Honda VFR750.
    Both these machines had one thing in common – they were engineered to a very high standard .
    Now I have the pleasure on owning a Street Rod which has joined the two above.
    Really such a well made and reliable machine.

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