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Steel Horses ride every weekend

“I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride,” sang Jon Bon Jovi, but the Brisbane Steel Horses Cruising Motorcycle Social Club riders are no “cowboys”.

They have a loyal membership of 35, of which 28 are riders, and unlike some clubs that ride once a month, the Steel Horse members ride every weekend of the year, sometimes midweek as well.

The club was started by “Sarge” who jotted down his ideas for the club on a napkin on a business flight. Despite the Bon Jovi reference, it has nothing to do with the song, but more to do with the fact that the founder works for a large steel company.

Sarge shared his ideas with a small group of riders who eventually got together to formulate a set of guidelines that would ensure a democratically run club.

It was founded in 2009 and a website was set up to help encourage riders to join.

Secretary Graham Stein says the objects of the club are to encourage members to ride, meet regularly and gather for social events.

“We are a motorcycle club whose main focus is riding our cruiser or touring machines, and enjoying the company of like-minded souls,” he says.

“We don’t care what you do for a living, or what colour socks you choose to wear. If you like to ride, then you should be with us. We are a bunch of guys and girls of all ages, and from all walks of life, from postmen to professors.”

Cowboys too, probably. 

“We are one of the very few motorcycle clubs who have organised, interesting rides every weekend of the year,” ‘Steny’ says.

“Our very experienced ride captains, who are continuously searching for new routes and roads for their weekend adventures, will take you on fantastic, varied and thoroughly enjoyable road trips throughout the South East and beyond.” 

Steel Horse Cruising Motorcycle Social Club

The rides leave from designated meeting points in the north, south and west of Brisbane, rotating between them each week. Rides vary in length so riders can choose the ones that suit.

They also have some mid-week rides and occasional Friday night social events such as dinner at a pub, tenpin bowling, etc.

Steiny says anyone can come along to experience one of their rides, so long as they let the ride captain know.

Brisbane Steel Horse Cruising Motorcycle Social Club is an Incorporated club with a monthly meeting, ride rules and regulations. “These are in place primarily for the safety of the members,” says Steiny.

“Our only other prerequisite is that members must ride a cruiser or tourer motorcycle,” he says.

Contact: Steiny (0419 672 216)

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