S&S Cycles ECM for Indian FTR 1200

S&S Cycle adds modes to Indian FTR 1200

S&S Cycle has developed an Engine Control Manager system to add the engine modes of the FTR 1200 S to the base model.

In 2018, the Wisconsin company was quick to develop a full exhaust system for the just-released Indian FTR 1200 similar to the prototype model that had everyone salivating.

It cost a whopping $US1874.95 (about $A2878), so they followed up with more affordable slip-on mufflers at $US489.95 (about $750) plus various billet aluminium bits and pieces.

They claim the bike is “one of our favourite new machines”.

S&S Cycle prototype exhaust for Indian FTR 1200


The exhaust, muffler and parts must have been a success because they have now added the S&S Engine Control Manager costing $US199.95 (about $A306).

S&S Cycles ECM for Indian FTR 1200

It includes a handlebar-mounted switch that communicates with the bike’s ECM and unlocks the Rain and Sport modes previously unavailable on the base model.

Rain mode has a smooth throttle control while Sport has maximium response and power delivery.

“Simple installation and easy-to-access switch allows for quick mode changes and transforms the bike in a single click,” the say.

Indian FTR 1200

2020 Indian FTR 1200 Carbon
2020 Indian FTR 1200 Carbon
  • FTR 1200 basic black for $20,995;
  • FTR 1200 S in red and grey or titanium and black for $22,995;
  • Race-Replica with Akrapovic exhaust, red frame and FTR750 flat track racer tank graphics from $24,995; and
  • Carbon at $26,995.

The Carbon is based on the FTR 1200 S  model but adds carbonfibre fenders, tank, airbox cover, and headlight and tail cowls, but not wheels.

Early this month, parent company Polaris announced their motorcycle sales were up by 2% (they never reveal actual unit sales) in the first quarter.

This is despite global motorcycle sales decreasing and Harley-Davidson sales down by 17.7%.

Polaris Industries claim it is the result of strong sales of FTR 1200 and the new Challenger liquid-cooled tourer.

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