Mike Hatton Can-Am Spyder Olympics event

Can-Am Spyder event sets ‘record’


An Australian “record” of 71 Can-Am Spyder three-wheeler roadsters at a one-day event has been set at a little pub at Dugandan on the outskirts of Boonah in south-east Queensland.

The number of riders and pillions who turned up for the Can-Am Spyder Olympics on August 27 surprised organisers Mike and Catrina Hatton of SpyderMates.com Australia.

Mike says Spyders rolled in from as far as from Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Far North Queensland.

Apart from the 71 Spyders, there were 11 motorcycles, two sidecars, one trike, seven cars and 138 people.

The Spyder Olympics consisted of two events, one a fun gymkhana and the other a wet t-shirt contest.

“But it’s not what you think. The aim was to soak a t-shirt from a bucket of water and throw it as far as you can, furthest distance wins,” Mike says.Mike Hatton Can-Am Spyder Olympics event

Although there are no formal figures kept on Spyder meetings, Mike contacted BRP HQ in Sydney and asked whether the event was record.

“While they have not kept records, it was indicated 71 Spyders for a one-day event far exceeded other events,” he says.

“This was a one-off, but I’m sure I’ll conduct others as we have done in the past.

“Catrina and I do this as enthusiasts and there is no profit involved and as you can imagine a lot of work goes into it.”Mike Hatton Can-Am Spyder Olympics event

While the Spyder Olympics was significant for Australian roadster lovers, it pales next to the USA where the annual Spyderfest in Springfield, Missouri, attracts up to 900 Spyders and about 1500 people.

Mike says he hopes to join other Aussie Spyder owners who are attending the BRP Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Spyder Homecoming in Valcourt, Canada, in June 2017.

“They are two different worlds, events here and at home,” he says.

“America’s Spyder community is quite large and the bike culture I found in the US differs from ours and are more accepting of the Can-Am product.”

Can-Am has sold 100,000 Spyders world-wide and Mike says the roadsters have been selling well in Australia on the back of the success of the F3 and RT models.

“The Can-Am Spyder appears to be gaining traction in popularity,” Mike says.

The roadster was introduced into Australia in 2007/2008 with a 900cc twin engine which has now grown to a 1300cc triple “much to the delight of the owners”.

Mike Hatton Can-Am Spyder Olympics event
Mike and Catrina

Meanwhile, Mike and Carina leave for the US next week for a couple of months touring the States on Spyders from Pitbull Powersports, Missouri, who is the biggest Can-Am Spyder dealer in the world.

“We are hoping to get up close and personal with the 2017 F3 Limited,” he says.

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