Lane Filtering Christmas cheer

Spread some Christmas filtering cheer

Here’s a great way to spread some Christmas cheer and remedy the growing road rage among drivers jealous of riders’ ability to filter through traffic snarls.

Melbourne rider Alan Wasono, 42, says he has been handing out candy canes to drivers on his 18km daily commute to spread some Christmas cheer.

“Quite a number of drivers get disgruntled about moto riders filtering through traffic,” he says.

“I’ve been pretty lucky; no road rage recently. I have had people tooting their horns, closing the gap so I can’t get through and also people try to creep forwards next to me at the lights, then try to drag race me.

“I think most drivers are just jealous and grumpy that they are stuck in traffic.”

Spreading Christmas cheer

His attempt at spreading some Christmas cheer on his Honda NC750S seems to have spread some cheer.

“I’ve had a very positive response from 95% of the drivers I approached so far,” he says.

“Only a couple of people politely declined my offer of candy.

“Needless to say that if I spot any drivers on their phone, then they don’t get any candy.”

Alan and his Honda spread cheer
Alan and his Honda spread cheer

Alan says he wanted to do “something fun that will hopefully help put us moto riders in a positive light among the car drivers”.

“Cable-tying a Santa hat to my helmet also seems to put a smile on the drivers’ faces,” he says, although VicPol may take a dim view to modifying a helmet!

Alan’s candy cane strategy could be a good way for riders to spread some cheer and quell driver animosity toward riders legally filtering through traffic.

Check out this road rage video from Harry Criticos we posted in November.

It shows a driver leaning out the window trying to stop Harry in his tracks.

Read what happens next.

  • Will you be handing out candy canes on your next commute? Leave your comments below.


  1. I don’t care either way, but I find that drivers are generally more considerate of me when I’m on my bike than when I’m in the car. Of course there’s the occasional rule-freak wanker, but I think most of the time the ones that block you do it accidentally . Who cares anyway, I ride the way I want.

  2. If what some drivers may construe as “the enemy” waved an unwrapped edible item at them, those drivers may wonder exactly where that item may have been recently shoved and removed.
    At least offer something in a sealed wrapper to reduce suspicion.
    Apart from that, the growing number of diabetics may be unpleasantly reminded of their condition. I’m told that Christmas can be a difficult time for diabetics, and I guess for a range of other conditions.

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