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In urban conditions, a motorcycle gives an undeniable advantage in maneuverability and speed of movement, so from year to year, the number of owners of two-wheeled vehicles is multiplying. More and more students appear in the ranks of motorists, many of whom are asking the eternal question, “which motorcycle to buy first?”

The Best Motorcycles for All Students to Enjoy the Speed

First, you need to decide what you are buying a motorcycle for. Where do you plan to ride it most often?

You need to choose a motorcycle with your heart, but in your choice, it is also recommended to proceed from the real data of the owner. It is not worth being a two-meter athlete to consider too small-sized equipment for purchase and vice versa – it is important not to overestimate your capabilities, choosing an overly powerful or massive apparatus.

Motorcycles can be divided into several classes, depending on their design, appearance, and purpose. Today, we are going to review all types so students would know what motorcycle is the best for their city/town.

Classic Road MotorcyclesEducation

The easiest way to start is with classic road bikes. On the majority of “road builders,” you are provided with the correct landing and easy getting used to motorcycle controls. Often, road motorcycles have a plastic fairing and sometimes look like the so-called “Sportbikes,” although, of course, they are not.

Road bikes are convenient when driving around the city and highway and are sometimes called “universal.” Modern models are usually equipped with an anti-lock braking system, and sometimes a stability control system. These “electronic assistants” are designed to facilitate the management of the bike and prevent such dangerous situations as locking the wheel during emergency braking, or, conversely, slipping the rear tire during acceleration “drift.” However, such systems are often installed on motorcycles of other classes. You can choose a perfect model for your taste online, and you can find it even faster than literature review services.

Good-Old ScootersEducation

The scooter is an excellent vehicle for city driving due to its small size, the presence of a boot under the saddle and minimal fuel consumption. There is no need to operate a gearbox on a scooter, as most of the models have a CVT.

The engine capacity of modern “mopeds” is from 50 cm3 to 800 cm3 for new models. Besides, among new bikes, ABS is ubiquitous. But the popularity of scooters as the first two-wheeled vehicle declined. Nevertheless, in some cases, this will be the right choice for those who are working during college time.

Sports motorcycles (“sportbikes”)Education

Sports bikes are the right choice for riding on a track. But riding a “sportbike” around the city can be a deadly occupation for a student: according to sad statistics of motorcycle accidents, most of the accidents are caused by owners of “sports” who could not cope with the management of an “explosive” shell. And each fall on a lightweight “plastic” motorcycle costs a tricky motorcycle racer a very substantial amount – a rare “sport” can be equipped with safety arches that are so necessary for a student because their installation often requires a violation of the integrity of the fairing.

But the aesthetics and power of sports motorcycles attract beginner bikers so much (and what to hide – girls who love bike) that we will consider several options suitable for an inexperienced motorcyclist in this class as well.

Touring motorcyclesEducation

Motorcycles of tourist class can be divided into off-road, luxury and sports tourism.

All-terrain tourists are characterized by increased suspension moves, high ground clearance and proper wind protection (while their use on a real “off-road” is limited by a rather large weight). Luxury tourers combine the comfort of a passenger and a driver, luggage capacities and a large mass, which positively affects stability during high-speed driving in a straight line. The catalog of options for such bikes is usually comparable to a telephone directory, and the price is far beyond the average budget for the first motorcycle. Well, sports and tourist models are distinguished by a powerful engine, a comfortable fit, and an unattainably high price tag.


Even if you do not know anything about moto (although if you have read up to this point – you can consider yourself an expert) – the “picker” will only require the selection parameters guaranteed to everyone, such as the purchase budget or owner’s growth.

Just select one of the models you like, compare it in technical specifications with other options, and study the details on the profile forum.

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