Slim Cambox gives eye-level view

Cambox V4 Pro is a slim action camera that fits around a helmet’s visor aperture to give a more accurate viewpoint of what you see when riding.

Unlike the many bulky helmet cameras that fit on top, below or beside the helmet, this curved unit fits close to your eyes for a more “normal” viewpoint. It will also fit any type of helmet or even a hat.

It easily fits to your helmet with a self-adhesive velcro system.

The Cambox V4 Pro is the latest development of their slimline Cambox cameras.

This new model is claimed to be up to three times lighter than most other cameras at 65g.

It should also have less wind resistance and less likelihood of damaging rotational forces on your neck in a crash.

Since it is so small, you can fit it inside the visor aperture (so long as there is room) so it does not protrude outside the helmet.

We know South Australian and Victorian police don’t approve of cameras on helmets, but let’s see how they deal with this!Cambox V4 Pro action camera

Cambox crowd funding

The French developers have launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding program to go into production with the Cambox V4 Pro available in January 2020 for €499 (about $A810).

Early supporters of the crowd-funding campaign can order one for a 38% discount at €309 (about $A500) in black, blue, red or green.

Apart from its slimline design, it still does most of the things other action cameras provide.

It has 4K/60fps, 12 megapixels video with a 150-degree lens and slow motion option at 240fps.Cambox V4 Pro action camera

They also claim it has stereo sound from two mics at either end, although we are not sure how much that will separate the sound.

It has wifi/bluetooth connectivity to your phone so you can view your videos or share them straight away on social media.

Cambox V4 Pro is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that has more than twice the power of their V3 model which had 75 minutes of recording time.

  1. I bought a Cambox Meca mkv3 from the Nantes factory in France when I was there in July 2019. Yes, they’re expensive relative to some other cameras on the market but I’ve been very happy so far. It’s so small and light you barely notice it’s there. One downside is thst since it’s inside the helmet other drivers don’t know it’s there so the visual deterrent factor is removed. From what I understand, the V4 has same specs as a GoPro 7.

    1. They’ve been making cameras for a while now (you can buy a Cambox V3 from them right now), can’t see why this would be vapourware

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