Queensland police display
Queensland Police on a variety of marked bikes

Should police escort your motorcycle ride?

Should your club or charity ride be escorted by police given one of the biggest controversies during the dark early days of the VLAD “anti-bikie” laws in Queensland being the police commissioner’s suggestion that rides be registered with police?

It was an ignorant and arrogant remark that showed total disdain for legitimate community concerns about social profiling of riders as criminals.

MotorbikeWriter campaigned heavily against riders acquiescing to the police demands and very few rides were registered.

However, the Queensland Police now seem determined to try to mend the gaping rift with the motorcycle community caused by the VAD laws, overzealous policing and heavy handed, pedantic fining of riders.Queensland police

They agreed to escort the annual Brisbane Mods V Rockers ride (May 17, 2015) from Harry’s Diner in Brisbane to Redcliffe for free, providing four motorcycle cops to escort the riders in a continuous procession.

That meant stopping traffic at stop signs and red lights, and clearing highway lanes for the motorcycle and scooter riders.

The result was not only a continuous and expeditious procession of riders, but also a small step toward the healing between police and riders.Queensland police

With the continued heavy patrolling of motorcycle roads and community concern over the number of police dismissed for errant behaviour, it is a step that needs to be taken.

While we can’t recommend a police escort on any and every ride, we can attest to the efficacy of a police escort for large rides, especially through urban areas.

And if they’re offering their services free, it’s a great service to make your ride a success.

Queensland police
Riders thank police for the escort

One of the officers addressed the crowd first to explain the procedure of blocking intersections and offered the joke that riders should form up so they can have their licences checked for outstanding warrants. The joke was met with nervous laughter.

Best the cops leave the awkward jokes at home.

Still, the riders seemed happy with the escort and many thanked them and shook their hands at the end of the ride.

Thankfully the police then made themselves scarce and left the riders to their festivities.Queensland police

  1. I think it’s a good idea in one respect especialy .thru the city area. A police presents always works when it comes to slowing people down have you noticed, no matter where you drive, and I have checked this out qften. If you stick to the exact speed limit 99% of peopl are doing 5to10klm’s or more over the speed limit. So all the written rules and sign posting is and has always been a big waist of money. Yet they all cry when they get booked. No matter if you like it or not, the law is the law.

  2. They can be nice when it suits them. Don’t be sucked-in to accepting this as being normal for a ride. They did squat to help us on the protest rides in Brissy. Say NO to police escorts and informing them of your ride details. We can’t role back the laws if we all go living by them.

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