Continental ehorizon information system on motorcycles

Shared information to make bikes safer

Continental is extending its car-based vehicle-to-vehicle information system called eHorizon to motorcycles.

The German company claims the system will aid rider safety as well as helping riders discover new routes.

Continental’s Intelligent Transportation Systems boss Ralf Lenninger says their motorcycle system, “swarm intelligence”, interconnects riders on a shared platform so they can share information about road conditions, police patrols and other hazards.

The digital display also shows info such as speed, navigational aids, weather and traffic reports.

“The stored data is collated in the cloud and made available to all motorcyclists,” he says.

“As a result, the eHorizon system informs bikers in advance of obstacles along their route such as construction zones, accidents, slippery conditions, or traffic jams. Having this information can enhance safety, not only for motorcyclists but also for other road users.”

BMW, Honda and several other motorcycle companies have been working on similar systems for some time, but they are limited to the one brand.BMW Motorrad creating digital riders information

This system would be available across a lot of different models and brands.

Riders can customise the Continental swarm intelligence system to show the most important information.

If the rider pushes a button, there information they have collected is then shared with other riders on the same platform.

It will also connect via Bluetooth to your phone and feature a special smartphone app so riders can create communities.

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