Sexiest Russian rider Olga Pronina dies in crash

Sexiest Russian rider Olga Pronina dies in crash

Famed sexiest Russian motorcyclist, Olga Pronina, has died in a high-speed crash on her BMW S 1000 RR in Vladivostok.

The 40-year-old Russian mother of one was known as the sexiest Russian motorcyclist through her @Monika9422 Instagram account which had more than 200,000 followers, including Australian stunt rider Lukey Luke.

Lukey Luke Sexiest Russian rider Olga Pronina dies in crash
Lukey Luke

He says did not know Olga personally, but she used to like and occasionally comment on some of his Instagram pics as did with hers.

“Just an online friendship of sorts,” he says.

“It’s always a sad day when a fellow motorcyclist passes. It’s especially tragic when doing something we all love so much.  She will be missed.”

Olga posted a host of sexy photos of herself with her bike on Instagram.

She also posted many videos of her performing stunts while riding through the streets of Vladivostok.

It is not know whether she was performing stunts when she lost control of her bike and hit a side railing on Monday evening as her action camera could not be found.

The rear wheel of her bike was found 600m away from the wreckage.

Olga died at the scene before emergency service vehicles arrived on the scene.

The Russian mother worked as a hairdresser, but often said she needed more adrenaline in her life and had dozens of speeding fines on her licence.

  1. live by the sword, die by the sword. if you choose to ride like an idiotic dangerous moron, man, woman, ugly, sexy, tall or short bla bla, then expect to die at some point doing it. riding like a twat on a public road, ANYWHERE is dangerous, its bad enough riding sensibly and people die often, but being a twat just means you clearly do not care about yourself or anyone you leave behind. a motherless little girl now has to face the rest of her life knowing her mum died being a twat……. very sad indeed. No sympathy for death while riding like a twat. simple.

    1. You weren’t there so you don’t know what happened. There are no reliable repots indicating she was doing anything unusual at the time. Just because you’re a policeman doesn’t mean you know everything.

      Be careful what you wish for.
      Next time you see police being treated unfairly, remember your saying
      ” live by the sword, die by the sword” .

    1. By and large our readers’ comments are respectful and courteous. We’re sure that, after a while,
      you’ll fit in well.

  2. You play, you pay.
    Can’t beat the laws of physics or entropy now matter how beautiful you are.
    It’s a pity that her daughter has no mum anymore.

    1. There’s a well-known youtube of a wheel falling off a race car at ~80ks, perhaps less, & travelling about that distance.

      1. remind me of the shape of a race car wheel and it’s ability to stand up by itself Vs that of a motorcycle wheel… look at the pics of what’s left of her bike, not speeding my ass!

        Always ride like an idiot, not surprising she’s dead! Same will eventually happen to most other idiots out there, no matter how good they think they are.

        1. I can remind you that the reason a rolling tyre, car or motorcycle, doesn’t fall over is they’re both round & they both produce a gyroscopic effect when rolling. Hence the need for countersteering.
          Shape of tyre profile or your ass have nothing to do with it.

          This has been common knowledge for over two thousand years.

          Obviously you’ve never rolled a hula hoop along the footpath or dropped a coin & had it roll an annoyingly long way away.
          Try both. Think about it.
          You’ll get the idea.
          People have been doing it for over two thousand years.

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