Sena 50 series

Sena introduces new 50 series intercom

Sena has introduced the next generation of Bluetooth helmet intercoms with the new 50 series that includes wifi capability to efficiently charge and automatically download firmware updates.

That means there is no longer any need to plug it into your computer, just plug in the wifi charger and connect to a nearby wifi source such as your phone’s hotspot.

Sena series 50 wifi connector
Wifi charger

We expected a 40 series would be next after the 10 and 20 series.

However, they have skipped ahead to the 50 series which includes the slimline 50R and 50S.

Sena 50S 50 series bluetoothWhile the slimline 50R model has a simple three-button control the 50S retains the easy-to-use “jog” dial


Sena 50r 50 series bluetooth
Sena 50R

They claim charging time is 30% faster and a full charge is estimated to provide 13hrs bluetooth talk time.

Sena Australia says both models in the 50 Series will be available at the end of May 2020 in single pack for $545 and $965 for a dual pack.

More reliable series

Critics of the current models say the Mesh 2.0 software is unreliable, but Sena claim the flaws have been fixed.

Apart from more reliable group chat, they also claim there is experience less interference from surrounding obstacles such as blind corners, trees, buildings, etc.

The other major update is the slimmer and therefore more comfortable speaker with more bass and 7% more volume.

Sena don’t want to deafen riders, but they acknowledge that many riders now use filtered earplugs such as the Alpine MotoSafe which filter out harmful wind noise, but also slightly reduce the volume from intercom units.

Alpine Motosafe earplugs
Alpine Motosafe earplugs

To improve rider comfort, speakers are now thinner and bevelled so they don’t hurt your ears under a tight helmet.

The 50 Series will also connect to digital assistants such as Siri or Google using standard voice commands of ‘Hey Siri’ or ‘Ok Google’. 

They claim their app has also been improved and restyled.

Accessories will be:
  • 50S-A0201 Universal Helmet Clamp Kit to suit 50S
  • 50S-A0101 Speakers for 50S
  • 50R-a0101 Speakers to suit 50R
  • 50R-A0201 Accessories Kit to suit 50R
  1. I hope Sena has improved the water resistance of the units. Let’s see if they back their product with an appropriate IP rating like Cardo.

  2. Never going Sena again. The 30K is half-baked and didn’t include features of earlier models despite being marketed at as a premium product. The 20S has problems, too… which the 30K was supposed to fix.

  3. Have both Sena in Shoei Neotech II and Cargdo packtalk bold JBL and the cardo wins hands down in all departments. Not that the Sena is bad, just that the Cardo is better

    1. Spad,, So your comparing the 2019 BOLD against older Sena tech.. Might be better to compare this model with Cardos latest..

  4. The WiFi charger sounds like a security risk.
    If you get one set up a secure guest network on your home router so as not to open your home network to hackers.
    You should do this with smart TVs and other such devices too.

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