Smart Turn System self-cancelling indicators

Self-cancelling indicators being tested

An aftermarket self-cancelling indicator is now being tested by riders and the Solvenian makers are offering early adopters a discount reward.

ABCS Sistem has been besieged by riders asking to be testers since the Smart Turn System was announced in February.

So they have adopted an Early user program where customers can pre-order at a special price of 79€ A$116, US$89) instead of full price of 149€ (A$220, US$168). Invitations will be sent to selected riders in the next two weeks. The final product will be available in July.

“The early user program was initiated due to an amazing interest which exceeded our expectations and logistical capabilities for beta-test program,” they say in their mailout.

BCS Sistem says the compact, waterproof device will fit “most” motorcycles with specific cables for your model. They have offered to send a unit to Motorbike Writer for testing, so stay tuned for results.

Will self-cancelling indicators save lives? Smart Turn SystemThe Smart Turn System (STS) is claimed to be more advanced than any of the current units used by motorcycle manufacturers as it uses motion sensors to determine the bike’s direction, inclination, acceleration and even vibrations.

We’re not exactly sure what the vibrations from the bike and road surface would determine, but it seems the system takes account of all types of indication: turning a corner, changing a lane and entering or exiting a roundabout.

Will self-cancelling indicators save lives?
Will self-cancelling indicators save lives?

There will be two versions: one for the universal left-switchblock and one for separate left and right indicator controls such as on BMWs and Harleys.

They say it will be easy to install, but it also needs calibration and we’re not sure what that involves.

All cars have self-cancelling indicators as standard equipment, yet only expensive new motorcycles fit them.

This system will make the safety device available to all riders.

Dr Ross Blackman, research associate at the Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) at the Queensland University of Technology suspects that riders who have forgotten to turn off their indicators could be involved in crashes when motorists mis-read their intention to turn.

“I dare say that there is not a rider on earth who hasn’t forgotten to cancel indicators for at least a short period of time at some stage,” says Ross. “As such, the crash risk associated with this (in)action is an interesting question but unfortunately there is little to no data on incorrect signal use as a contributing factor in these situations and no specific studies to my knowledge.”

If you’ve had that type of crash or incident, please leave a comment below and Ross will monitor them.

Meanwhile, to avoid SMIDSY T-bone style crashes, never assume a motorist has seen you and always double-check that you have not given them a false indication.

  1. I’m wondering if anyone has installed the smart turn system in a Honda fury,i have tried several times with no luck. I have asked for help,i cant find anyone that has used one on a fury.

  2. It take a very good self cancelling system to make me want one, a system that would have to be less fallible than me.
    Are indicators left on a problem at night? Maybe not since the dash warning light is easier to see at night. Which means that brighter dash indicator lights during that day may be simpler for the same benefit.
    Take that a step further to incorporate some trendy electronic tech. Put a light sensor on the dash that reads ambient light. During the day *all* the warning lights brighten if active so that you can’t miss them even when the sun is over your shoulder straight onto the dash.
    At night, the warning lights dim somewhat so that they don’t blind you. Simples. No motion sensors, no false cancels, no iPhone tech.
    Geez, my 20 year old clock radio has a light sensor.

  3. I have self canceling turn signals on my Harley. They’re great. Another near feature is having the turn signal lights on the handle bars. At night, you couldn’t leave these on if you wanted to. They’re so in your face, you never forget if the lane change you just completed didn’t activate the self cancel.

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