Secure your plate against thieves

Benzina motorcycle secure number plate holder

Number plate theft is rife around the world with tens of thousands stolen every year in Australia alone. Now you can secure your plate with this stylish Benzina Anti-Theft Plate Holder.

This Brisbane invention by new motorcycle gear company Benzina features a stylish base in black.Benzina Anti-Theft Number Plate Holder

You can also paint it to match your bike or soon it will also be available in chrome as shown in the how-to photos.

The holder can be secured in any position thanks to its many sighting dimples for bolt holes.

BUY IT NOW FOR $35dsc06145

That allows you to drop it down, or lift it up above the present plate position to tidy the tail of your bike. 

In my case, I used it to cover the ugly rubber attachments on the indicators.

Then, simply screw or rivet your number plate to the base using the special stainless-steel shear-off bolts provided, leaving a blunt end that thieves cannot undo.


Not only does it make your plate more secure, but the holder prevents you scratching your hands when cleaning around the tail.

The Benzina anti-theft holders cost just $35 including postage and five shear-off bolts (normally more than $10). They are available exclusively through the MotorbikeWriter shop.

Strangely, each Australian state has different-sized number plates so these are only precisely matched for Queensland sizes only. NSW, Victorian and Tasmanian plates are 1mm different. Sizes for other states will be available at a later date. 

However, they can be fitted to a variety of motorrcycles and scooters as shown below.

You can also add a $4.95 branded decal for your model or a “Benzina” or “Live to Ride” logo.
Benzina Anti-Theft Number Plate Holder Decals

More Benzina products

Benzina also makes keyrings and wallets, and will soon have more products such as gloves and tailor-made jackets with a personalised name patch.


  1. Nice idea for those into bling.
    But if you’re not you could still pop into your local nut and bolt shop (or online) and get any one of three or four different styles of security bolts or even just use some pop rivets.

    1. Hi Al,
      Yes, but not all plate holders on bikes have screw holes that match the four holes on your number plate.
      Furthermore, these can be located higher or lower than the provided space as I’ve done with the Trumpy.

  2. I love the idea of these, and will get one to clean up the current plate holder set up I have.

    Just wondering though, could it be possible to have a compliant “E” marked reflector option for the bottom section instead?

    I’ve had a few friends be fined for not having the reflector, and there’s no other location to put one on my bike.

      1. I purchased some reflective tape on line and have somewhat smothered the back of my bike with it especially around the number plate for safety reasons
        primary of which is the protection of my wallet.

        You can get blue red white yellow and various striped versions (avoid the blue and white striped version)
        You can also get some make specific reflective decals.

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