Scooti ride-sharing scooter service

Scooti ride sharing going belly-up?

The Uber-syle Scooti ride-sharing service for scooters which started operations in Melbourne last April has appointed an administrator.

At the time, COO Brett Balsters said that if the Melbourne service was well received, “we will get Sydney going first and then shift our attention on Queensland”.

However, Scooti Motorcycle Taxi Service appointed Deloitte as an external administrator on 4 February 2020.

The first creditors’ meeting will be held at Deloitte in Bourke St, Melbourne, at 9.30pm on Monday (17 February 2020).

We contacted Brett for comment, but did not receive a reply.

Scooti peer-to-peer scooter taxi service
Scooti COO Brett Balsters, CMO Eva Krane and CEO Cameron Nadi

However, when the service launched, Brett said it had taken a “lot of meetings” to sort out safety and other issues with the Victorian Government to get the service started.

Scooti spending

A source tells us the company had indulged in “wild spending, silly spending” and was “unaware of their potential client base”.

In their confidential email, the source also claimed riders were given “pathetic pay”.Scooti ride-sharing scooter service

“Their claims of fair pay and rider bonuses are completely false. No documentation, no rider updates, just nothing. False promise.

“They are shifting into the delivery sector whilst letting the taxi riders down. Most taxi riders have left because the client base is almost non-existent.

“Management lying to riders about promised forthcoming clients that never eventuate.”

  1. The 2 founders were the problem as I looked at being the cornerstone investor and enabling multiple options to grow, fund and scale. I enjoyed Brett as the interim CEO who was constantly shut down by tweedle dee, there were to many internal politics, unrealistic valuations, no leadership & no road map to achieve a value add service, revenue & sustainable profits.
    They had pie in the sky expectations but no idea how to roll out and scale. My words to them after multiple engagements & when I walked away was that if you run with this plan and don’t pivot or tweak you will be in liquidation in 12mths.. Im disappointed to be correct.

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