Royal Enfield KX Concept bobber 834cc

Royal Enfield develops 834cc V-twin engine

Royal Enfield has only just unveiled their 650cc parallel-twin-engined Interceptor and Continental GT, but are already developing a bigger 834cc V-twin.

The Indian company unveiled the engine in a Bobber prototype soft-tail called the Concept KX to pay homage to their 1938 1140cc V-twin.

1938 Royal Enfield KX 1140 834cc
1938 Royal Enfield KX 1140

Interestingly it’s 834cc, but there is 838 stamped on the engine in their official video.Royal Enfield KX Concept bobber 834cc


Interestingly, the bike was not started at EICMA and it is not moving in the video, so we don’t know whether the engine is actually finished yet.

While Royal Enfield says the KX will not go into production any time soon, it could be the start of a whole new line of cruiser models with the traditional cruiser-oriented V-twin format.

The Bobber is designed along the lines of their 1938 model and has old-style girder fork.

However, it has modern tech such as twin ByBre (cheaper Brembo version) brake discs, LED headlight, all-digital circular instrument pod (like the Ducati Scrambler) and an airbox that is part of the frame.

(Sounds as innovative as something Erik Buel would think up!)

No more details on the bike are available, but it does look a lot like the very poplar Indian Scout right down to the dual right-right-side pipes and brown solo seat.

The new 834cc V-twin engine was probably developed in Leicestershire, England, were the Indian-owned company has built a research, design and development “technology centre”.

Enfield of India began assembling Bullet motorcycles under licence from the British company in 1956 and complete bikes by 1962.

The British company went bust in 1971 and Enfield of India was bought by heavy vehicle and bus maker Eicher in 1995.

Royal Enfield Concept KX 834cc
Concept KX

Royal Enfield is now the oldest motorcycle brand in the world still in production while the Bullet model is the longest motorcycle production run of all time.

We will be very interested to see what other engines and bikes will come from the new UK tech centre!

The 650cc models certainly could do with a scrambler, street tracker and bobber.

  1. I have to say I`m impressed with the design and it certainly has the old style garage bobber look of the eighties, which is far more pleasing to the eye than some of these spaceship looking pocket Rockets of modern times. It`s a pity that Norton didn`t ask for team up at least Royal Enfield had the money and resorces to expand the brand and keep it going

  2. Let’s hope it has a bigger fuel tank than the Scout’s puny 12l (and a fuel guage would be nice too – are you listening, Indian?)

  3. Most jap cruisers followed more the harley look. This is at least different and should do well among the hipsters. as an urban cruiser If the horsepower isnt that high .so what? Massive engines and high horsepower are more about bragging rights than anything else

  4. I’m not sure airbox-in-frame is all that new or innovative, although Royal Enfield catching up with 80s Yamaha cruisers is a big leap forwards, I wonder if they’ll get anywhere near the mighty 46 BHP of the XV535 Virago?

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