Robbie Maddison stunt rider
Robbie Maddison stunt rider

Robbie Maddison surfs on a motorcycle

Aussie stunt rider Robbie Maddison has done it again, this time becoming the first man to surf a wave on a motorbike.

Robbie, 34, uses a special bike with skis and a rear sand paddle tyre to ride our to the reef break off Tahiti and ride one of the enormous waves for his latest video “Pipe Dream”.

He apparently wiped out a few times, but was uninjured.

The multi world record holder and FMX champion rode across the roofs of Istanbul for the James Bond movie Skyfall and performed some amazing stunts including jumping the Tower Bridge in London and Corinth Canal in Greece, as well jumping up to and off the Paris Las Vegas Arch.

He has also skied down an Olympic ski jump for the One Any Sunday sequel.

While he’s conquered the air, he’s now conquered the waves.

Who knows next what this daredevil from Kiama, New South Wales, will do.

  1. this guy is awesome he needs a movie career man i be in the flick with this man this man did some crazy water skills i saw the video 3 years ago on facebook if u ever make film with this dude let me know got some condos in florida waiting on the foreclose can film in my unit email me back

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