Road names motorcycles Triumph Street Scrambler

Road names that entice exploration

If I pass roads with names such as Goat Track or Hell Hole Creek Road, it’s like a red rag to a bull and I simply have to explore it.

Sometimes these roads have warning signs that ban trucks or caravans, or warn of tight curves, gravel and other hazards.Road names motorcycles Triumph Street Scrambler

It’s only more reason to explore further.

Road names

But it’s the road names themselves that sometimes give the best hint as to what lies ahead, especially if it includes of the following words.

Old, Historic, Heritage: if these words are present, it indicates the original road before bulldozers and surveyors with theodolites carved a straight line through the hills. These roads follow the natural contours, usually in a very entertaining fashion.

Way, Drive, Track: while you should avoid anything called a motorway or freeway, words such as Way, Drive and Track usually indicate much more fun. However, even some highways can be motorcycle roads. Anything called a street should probably be avoided at all costs.Road names motorcycles Triumph Street Scrambler

Scenic, Vista, View: often these indicate roads that wind around a mountain, although they are also used by land developers to dupe buyers into purchasing a block which has much less than panoramic views.

Hill, Mountain, Ridge, Range: if any of these words are present in a road’s name, you have a pretty safe bet that it will be fun.

Valley, Gorge, Canyon: same deal.

Creek, River, Dam: ditto. The word “River” in a road’s name can even make a flat plains road interesting as rivers meander more through flat land.

Road names motorcycles Triumph Street Scrambler
Welcome to Hell Hole Creek Rd!

So, if you see a “Gravel road” sign on “Old Farmview River Track”, click down a gear and have fun. That’s a motorcycle-friendly road bonanza!

GPS to your aid

If you get lost you may eventually need to consult Google maps or your GPS to find your way home.

My TomTom Rider 550 GPS has functions that lead you to find some amazing hidden gems!

Map expert reviews TomTom Rider 550 route names
TomTom will include scenic back roads


GPS is also handy to breadcrumb the route you’ve just taken so you can do it again and share it with your friends.

Tell us of your favourite route where the road lives up to the name! Leave your comments below.

  1. My personal favourite was Mt Buggery Road (Kingaham Road to Yabba Creek Road), changed several years ago to Bella Creek Road.

  2. “Ferry” usually indicates an old road and not worth building a bridge so likely to be an interesting old road. And you get a short leg stretch break while you ride the ferry.

  3. Galston Gorge in the Sydney northern metro area seems to confirm Mark’s theories about place/road names. The road through there is only short but quite alpine in nature.
    Back when I lived in Sydney and owned a Cooper S (the Morris one, not the BMW abomination), Galston Gorge was more rural then and an amusing diversion.

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