Riders to help solve CBD parking scarcity

Riders to help solve CBD parking scarcity

Riders have been invited to form a special council working group to find motorcycle parking spaces in the Brisbane CBD and fringe areas to replace the 200 parking sites lost during the casino redevelopment.

Brisbane City Council infrastructure chair Cr Amanda Cooper says she “supports this casino project but not the loss of motorcycle parking”.

“We think people riding motorbikes is a benefit for the city in terms of pollution and traffic congestion,” she says.

She has now invited riders to form a special working group with council to identify safe motorcycle parking spaces in the CBD and surrounding areas.

The initiative follows recent articles published by Motorbike Writer and ongoing correspondence we have had with Amanda’s office.

MBW was today invited to meet with Amanda and several council staff to discuss CBD parking issues.

While this article is just about Brisbane, it does show that a concerted approach to finding a positive solution could be welcomed by your council. It’s better than just whining about it!

CBD parking strainsRiders to help solve CBD parking scarcity

I pointed out to Amanda and her staff that the issue is worse than just losing 140 permanent spaces and 60 more while the casino is redeveloped over the next two years.

Even before the 200 spaces were lost, motorcycle CBD parking was at saturation point with riders unable to find a spare space after 7am each week day.

As the casino redevelopment kicks in and building workers arrive, it will put even more strain on the already diminished number of parking bays.

I pointed out to council that riders had been forced to become “innovative” with their parking solutions.

The photos below show motorcycles parked next to City Cycle parks, more than one to a bay and in “grey” areas where there is no specific motorcycle parking allocation.

Council Major Projects Planning manager Lindsay Enright pointed out that parking on the road was covered by the state road rules over which they had no jurisdiction.

He said it was not in council’s power to issue a fine moratorium during the casino redevelopment as I had suggested.

That means riders parking outside designated areas will be fined by police or council staff authorised to issue infringements.

However, council does have jurisdiction over footpath parking and we would hope there would be some dispensation so long as bikes are parked safely.

That is an issue for the special working group to discuss further.

Brisbane City Council maintains their CBD footpaths are narrower than in Melbourne where motorcycle footpath parking works well.

However, Amanda agrees there may be more footpath areas that could be considered by the special working group.

CBD parking solutionsBrisbane free motorcycle parking CBD

Amanda says they have just about exhausted all council land in the CBD.

However, she says she is looking at some state land, sites in adjacent suburbs and even approaching private land owners.

“We are open to all suggestions of new places to park and I’m prepared to have four or five nominated riders and three council officers form a special working group to work through things,” she says.

At my suggestion, she says she might consider approaching private owners about using their available space, at least in the interim while the casino is being built. However, Lindsay warns there could be liability issues.

“We are happy to take all suggestions and consider them, but it must be safe,” Amanda says.

She already has her eye on some areas as temporary places during the casino redevelopment and will consider areas in neighbouring suburbs.

Amanda suggests CBD “fringe” areas such as in Spring Hill where riders could park and take the City Glider express bus service into the CBD.

In fact, I couldn’t find any CBD parking for today’s meeting. Instead, I parked my bike across the river in West End in the shade for free and walked across the Kurilpa Bridge to the meeting within 15 minutes.

Amanda says the working group of four or five riders will meet with council staff on a regular basis and discuss particular parking sites, including on-site inspections.

Rider representatives will be selected by expressions of interest on the Brisbane Motorcycle Parking Progress Group Facebook page.

Stay tuned for developments.

  1. Melbourne has many years of well honed policy and practice in this area, allowing riders not to take up the much larger and more expensive car parking space by using cars. The joint rider stakeholder and MCC working group (on which I serve), ‘Motorcycles in Melbourne Committee” has been impressed at the flexibility and effectiveness of the Council in handling the ebb and flow of motorcycle parking demands and locations, both on road (with car parking spots converted to motorcycle parking as well as vice versa) with quiet effectiveness. BCC could profitably take advantage of this experience and practice as the issues are essentially the same. Alex Gorelik is the engineer most appropriate at a day to day level, and Haig Poulson for management and policy. An information leaflet on sensible footpath parking produced remarkably positive cooperation between riders and parking officers, and the development of motorcycle specific parking standards on road was the subject of a 2001 VicRoads Consulting document (http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/NR/rdonlyres/CB3A5EDE-217D-428E-9613-786767166A2F/0/tr2001104.pdf or, if VicRoads has removed it, it can also be found at http://www.mwigan.com/mrw/Pubs__Motorcycles_files/01%20mcn%207%20Provision%20for%20OnRoad%20Parking%20tr200110%20copy.pdf). BCC has embarked on what will be a successful journey, and could speed up and smooth the process on all sides if they were to draw upon the proactive MCC experiences.

    I hope this is helpful. mrw

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