Remo Klawitter's Zero DSR electric motorcycle record

Rider shocks electric motorcycle record

Range is the big barrier for electric motorcycles, but a German rider has been able to shatter that barrier by riding 1134.3km in 24 hours and setting a new electric motorcycle record.

Remo Klawitter of Berlin rode a Zero DSR electric motorcycle from his bicycle shop to the Land Centre for Renewable Energies in Neustrelitz on March 10, 2018.

It beat the previous electric motorcycle record of 1000km by American Terry Hershner on a Zero S electric motorcycle.

However, he rode the distance in 22 hours 57 minutes  then stopped as he was only trying to qualify for the Iron Butt Association rally which requires riders to prove they can ride 1000 miles (1600km) in 24 hours.

Terry Hershner on a Zero S streamliner electric motorcycle record
Terry Hershner on his Zero S streamliner

He also completed the set distance on a specially modified 2012 Zero S with streamliner-style bodywork to create better aerodynamics for greater range and the regenerative braking set to 80%, more than twice the level of the regular bike.

How Remo broke the electric motorcycle record

Remo broke the electric motorcycle record on a standard Zero DSR, but with the optional power pack and charge tank. They decrease charging time from eight hours to about an hour and cost an extra $US2295.

They cost about $A4800 in Australia, but last year Zero Motorcycles pulled the plug on imports to Australia and Asia in June, citing unfavourable exchange rates and taxes.

Remo rode in 150km stints, at an average speed of 90-100km/h, before fully recharging the bike.Remo Klawitter's Zero DSR electric motorcycle record

“I’ve been thinking about a 24-hour ride since the middle of 2017,” he says.

“Primarily, I wanted to have fun, while drawing people’s attention to the practicality of electric motorcycles.

Remo Klawitter's Zero DSR electric motorcycle record
Remo’s Zero DSR

“Everything we have used is readily available from Zero and the route was on public roads.

“In total, we have spent nine-and-a-half hours charging, and during this time, as well as resting and eating, I was able to speak to many people who were interested in the bike and the journey.”

Remo Klawitter's Zero DSR electric motorcycle record
Remo is an ebike enthusiast

Zero Motorcycles is based in California and is the world’s biggest electric motorcycle manufacturer.

They now claim a maximum of 360km range, up 40km from the previous models, due to denser and lighter batteries that deliver up to 30% more charge.

  1. So Terry actually drove over 1000 *miles* which is over 1600km in 14 hours. Also, in the picture, Terry is standing just behind the bike in a faded black shirt and sunglasses; not sure who that is sitting on it.

  2. This ride is an excellent achievement, but it did not beat Terry Hershner‘s longest ride. In 24 hours. Terry Hershner rode over 1000 miles, not kilometers, in 24 hours to become a member of the Iron Butt association.
    Also, two other Europeans have traveled over 1000 km in one day riding stock Energica Egos. They did it in about 18 hours since their bikes are equipped with DC fast charging.

    1. FYI, Terry Hershner is not the one sitting on the bike in the picture. He is the blonde haired man standing behind the motorcycle in that picture.

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