Revolutionary Vozz Helmet ratchet
Revolutionary Vozz Helmet has no chin strap

Revolutionary Vozz Helmets return to stores

Revolutionary Australian-designed Vozz Helmets which have no chin strap are returning to the shelves after a long hiatus for updates and European approval.

They still cost $888, but the new ECE 22.05 certified RS 1.0 helmets are claimed to be more comfortable, quieter with a more secure seal.

When we tested one early last year we found them too tight around the ears and there was wind noise from the hinges.

Read our review here.

Production suspended

In July 2016, Vozz Helmets managing director Mark Bryant told us they had suspended production in May while they updated the helmet.Revolutionary Vozz Helmet

He had hoped to have the improved helmets available in October 2016, but the first shipment has only just arrived.

However, Mark now hopes to increase production and distribution.

Improved features

Improvements include a new lining, aerodynamic foils on the locking covers on each side of the helmet, and “superior rubber compounds” to improve seal and minimise wind noise.

The revolutionary “safety release system” where the helmet opens like a clam shell remains.

Mark claims it makes it easier and safer to remove a helmet from an injured rider at the scene of a crash.

The opening system and the lack of a chin strap also means you can put on the helmet with your gloved hands and without having to take off your glasses.

Vozz Helmets now come with two more colour choices (gloss black, matte black, lime green, orange, red, blue, white and silver) in sizes XS to XXL.Revolutionary Vozz Helmet

Available in stores and online

They are available at 20 stores in Australia.

Mark is also selling the helmet online and has some outlets in Europe and North and South America, but is looking for more international outlets.

The helmets no longer require special Australian certification to be sold here after all states agreed to accept European ECE 22.05 certification.

  1. Hi, I would like to know if they have the ability to fit blue tooth headset equipment like Interfone where you need room for the ear speakers and the microphone?

    1. Hi Gary,
      They don’t seem to have changed the interior design, so I would say no.
      I couldn’t fit speakers in our review helmet and the unit would not clamp on the outside because of the shape. You would have to use the adhesive option.

  2. I need to carry my helmet after I park each morning so I do up the chinstrap and use that as a carry handle. Is there any way to carry these without cradling the whole thing under one arm, or a D ring to use with a helmet lock?

  3. I really want to try one, but after talking to a retailer who pretty much can’t even give them away, and considering the price, I certainly won’t have one any time soon.

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