Torc1 Racing - Vengeance Lever Honda Clutch

Should you replace your clutch, brake levers?

Have you ever dropped or crashed your bike and broken a lever, leaving you stranded by the roadside?

Even a bent lever can make things difficult and will break off if you try to straighten it.

Or maybe you just want to give your bike some “farkle” to make it stand out.

Either way, aftermarket brake and clutch levers are a great addition to any motorcycle.

They not only usually feature a break-away piece that leave you with plenty of lever to get you home safely, but they also come in a variety of bright colours to match or contrast your bike’s paintwork.

And while many motorcycles come standard with non-adjustable levers, aftermarket units are usually adjustable which means a more comfortable fit to your hands. That also makes them safer.

Torc1 Racing Vengeance Flex Levers cost $75.95 and are available to replace both the clutch and brake levers on many makes and models.

They are adjustable and made of 6061 billet aluminium CNC machined with an anodised finish in a variety of colours with a stylish laser-etched “Torc1” logo.

They come with a hard anodised knee and stainless steel pivot mechanism for durability and extra strength.

But if you do drop your bike, the lightweight levers also feature a break-away slim-folding design so if the lever does break, you still have plenty left to grip and ride home safely.

The manufacturers say their Torc1 units are machined to tight tolerances so they are easy to install and attach to the perch assembly and boot with a firm fit.

They are available from most motorcycle shops, or can buy online and check out which models they fit.

  1. Yes, I want to replace my bike clutch, because it has broken. I want to buy a new one. Which company is best to buy this product? How much does it cost to me?

  2. I have “chinese” CNC shorty levers on my 600RR, and had them on my previous 250R. One of the first things I do is get shorty adjustable levers. 🙂

    1. Hi Billy,
      If only! No, they don’t advertise and I don’t get a cent from them.
      It’s published as a service to readers to tell them that the product is available. It’s not a review, either. Just a product announcement plus a bit of info about the advantages of aftermarket levers. Although it should be noted they don’t fit on all types of bike!

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