Why remove your helmet at a service station?

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Australian service stations can legally refuse to serve you fuel if you don’t remove your helmet, but very few provide anywhere safe for you to place your helmet while you fill up.

The owners say it’s for safety reasons, but really it’s so you don’t ride off without paying, which is happening more frequently. In the US, most gas stations require you to pay first!

If you feel offended by the lack of trust, you only have the thieves to thank for this get-tough attitude.

You can argue about open-face and flip-up helmets providing facial identification for their cameras, but the owners have the final say.

All you can do is refuse to use their service station and move on.

Avoid filling your motorcycle with ethanol fuel

There are still some servos that let you use the pump without taking off your helmet.

I’ve found one near me that does; probably because they now know me. Country servos are also more forgiving.

However, even my local service station doesn’t offer much in the way of service, because there is nowhere safe to store my helmet while I’m filling up.

Helmets cost from a few hundred dollars up to more than $1000 and the last thing you want to do is leave them in a place where they can get dirty, filled with petrol fumes or fall and get damaged.

Yet most bowser tops these days have small advertising signs on top of them preventing you from placing your helmet there.

Nowhere to place your helmet on the top of the bowser at a service station
Nowhere to place your helmet on the top of the bowser at a service station

Not every bike has a place to safely place your helmet, so riders are forced to place their helmet on top of a bin or on the ground.

If they can’t offer that simple “service” of providing somewhere to put your helmet, they shouldn’t be called a service station.

We suggest you buy one of those carabiner-style hooks so you can quickly and safely fasten your helmet to your bike.


  1. I’m still pretty pissed off about today’s incident at my local Woolworth/Caltex. After filling up and standing in a queue for some time I was not asked but TOLD to remove my helmet. At this point I already tapped my credit card on the electronic pad and payment was accepted. Now a second attendant thought it necessary to put his 5 cents worth in and started lying about some f…ing law. Liar!! I told them both to Fcuk off and left pissed off and disgusted that some scum vermin would find it necessary to get involved in my life and try to exercise some petty little authority which they don’t even have. This is not about security or inconvenience or what ever else. This is about my personal freedom and my personal space! I didn’t threaten anyone, filled up, stood in the queue like an orderly citizen, and paid for my goods. I just don’t need this shit in my life and yes, it is discrimination. Do I sound pissed off? That’s because I am 🙂

    1. some of the staff are just showing off to feel empowered. it’s totally annoying >:(
      especially after you have already had approved transaction.

  2. I don’t care one way or the other, but it does piss me off when i get told to remove my helmet and a postie pulls up along side me and fills his postie bike up with his helmet ON!

  3. This is a bug bear for me. If you want me to remove my flip face, then put a sign at the bowser, not 25m away on the front door.

    Now I recently took this to the anti-descrimination commission. If the servo operator asks you to remove your helmet as a security issue, whatever, tell them to bugger off. If your helmet was on when they reset the bowser, they accepted your custom. All they can do is refuse to take you payment. Having your wallet in hand helps here. Ask them if “they are refusing to take your payment?” If they say yes, leave. They just gave you free fuel.

    Now you come unstuck when they say that they feel threatened. This is the technical description of an assualt. At this point, suck it up, take off your helmet and pay up, the police about to get involved, and while you haven’t done anything wrong, the LEO’s will be as pissed at you as the service station attendant for wasting their time.

    Now there is an interesting clause here. If the service station attendant asks you to remove it for security issues, ask them if they believe your going to rob them. If they respond “maybe”, and providing you don’t look like aSi s of Anarchy number one fan, they have technically breeched the anti-discrimination act for stereotyping you as a murderering robbing 1%er. If your dressed like a power ranger on your cafe racer, they have a hard case to make. Politely point out they they have just breeched the anti-des rumination act and could you have their name to lodge a complaint, or would they like to just accept your payment and part ways?

    If you push the issue with a helmet that doesn’t obscure your face, you’ll usually find by the time it reaches the state manager, the site manager got a kicking. Respect the service station operators decision if they have a sign on the bowser, simply ride away to the next one. Remember they aren’t in the right the moment they reset that bowser if your wearing your helmet, however, sometimes it’s simply not worth arguing with someone on minimum wage.

  4. Another question worth asking is how come service stations are allowed to use the police
    as de-facto security staff?, I bet if one of the supermarkets had one operator stuck in a booth
    with all its goods stuck out on the street, with instructions to call the police if anyone pinched
    They would be told to get their own security real quick. In fact it is illegal for private citizens to even
    leave their car unlocked ,or us to leave the key in the ignition. Fact is that apart from being screwed by their
    cartel behaviour our taxes are being used to compensate for their lack of security and improve their bottom line

  5. just the number plate works fine for a speed cameras
    just returned from victoria and looking at the difference
    in fuel prices to qld , i reckon the biggest thieves are on the other
    side of the cash register

  6. I’ve had an attendant at one of my local servos refuse to start the pump until I removed my helmet (which is a flip open touring type) even though I had previously filled up there plenty of times wearing the exact same helmet. When I asked her what the problem was, as she (and the cameras) could see my face, she said they needed to see hair colouring as well in case of an incident.

    Now, I have a Helmet Hook and don’t even bother trying to get away with leaving it on. I just take it off my head and hang it on the hook conveniently hanging from my bar end. Easy. No greasy mess from the ground and no risk of having my helmet fall off the bike.

    Yes, I sell the helmet hook, but this is not a sales pitch, it really is a handy little thing. I was promoting them well before I ended up selling them. Check them out, I am sure you will agree it is incredibly handy once you start using one.

      1. Hi Mark. It certainly is pretty handy.
        I can definitely send you some to give away, do a review on, etc.
        Send me a quick email with how many you want and a postal address and I will get on to it.
        Bill 🙂

    1. Hi Bill, I bought one of your helmet hooks.. Best handy little device I ever got. I also hang my jacket with my helmet by the coat hook raps nicely around the helmet it locks the whole thing up.
      Back pack bags.. yeap I hang it by the top handle keeps it off the ground 🙂

  7. It depends in my case if i am in a hurry my helmet stays on full stop no if’s or buts.
    I had a argument in the city (Sydney) one time so i just stood there while the other customers(about 6) were waiting behind i had my money in my hand and just stood there till the cashier took it.
    i just love the country people are more open and understand.

  8. I have never had any problem with leaving it on my seat when my bum was not on it! This is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  9. I don’t like having to take my helmet off either and I would think that number plates are sufficient identification to deal with non-payers. But I’m not that fussed about lack of places to put my helmet down, heck most places you stop don’t have such facilities so what do you do? I put mine on the ground, it seems to work quite well 🙂

    1. Hi Andrew,
      If you put your helmet n the ground, make sure there is no fuel, oil or creepy crawlies. The former two will damage your helmet and make it smell and the latter might cause an accident down the road if they make themselves known!

  10. Ok, most times that I pull into a servo, I’m going to be having a break, have a smoke, stretch out the old bod, so happy to remove the lid. But there are times, particularly when on the way to work in the morning when I’m not so happy to remove it.

    I don’t wish to start up some religious hatred, intolerance crap, however if its about equality, then why are women of middle eastern origin not asked to remove their head dress, and Indian men not asked to remove theirs. My shark evoline helmet in the open mode, exposes enough to identify me. With all the techno CCTV dotted around most servo’s they have my rego.

    Oh that’s right, its because they can claim it as part of their right to exercise their chosen religion, yes? Silly me.
    Well if it’s got anything to do with equality, motorcycling is my religion, if they don’t want my money I’m happy to oblige and go somewhere else.

    Hippocratic B/S at it’s very best.

    1. I wrote to Caltex CEO on having to remove your helmet at service stations, replied saying it was a security thing and it was their policy to do so. I also included that certain Middle Eastern people do not take their head gear off and could be a security risk, it’s ok for religious purpose was stated, if one group of people are allowed to wear total head coverings and motorcycleists have to remove helmets it is discrimination to one group and not the other if one removes their helmets so should the others to be fair.

  11. I am starting to get a bit uptight about so called service stations. I can’t say I have ever been hassled about taking my helmet off but I have been hassled several times about dismounting before refueling. Apparently the service station is concerned about my safety (God luv um). I do agree that places to put helmets and helmet visor cleaning stations would be far more beneficial then this other needless crap.

    1. I’ve worked servo’s and there are two good reasons to dismount before filling: 1. If for some reason your fueling up starts a fire, you’re going to jump off and fuel is going too spill everywhere and kaboom goes the fireball including you. 2. If the bike is stable on the stand, it’s less likely to have any mishaps before the cap goes back on. Just saying,,,,

  12. If they want to refuse service because I don’t take off my helmet.
    That’s fine.
    But don’t refuse to take my money at the checkout until I take off my helmet
    .As far as I’m concerned if they in the building start the fuel flowing while I’m holding the nozzle in my tank then service has been agreed to.
    Even if I have my helmet still on.
    They can’t then say I have to remove my helmet to pay.
    Imagine asking for a bottle of water in the servo. They hand it too you then ask you remove your helmet to pay for it. Same thing.

  13. I don’t mind removing my helmet. I usually fill up at the local Shell service station, and they have new bowsers with plenty of room to sit my helmet.

    The thing that is annoying is the $1.06 for petrol, that is cheap! Need those prices up here in Townsville.

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