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Proof: Traffic fines are revenue raising

We have all suspected that governments use speeding fines and other traffic infringements as revenue raisers to prop up their budgets.

Now comes proof from Australia and the USA that governments are addicted to the revenue from these fines and that motorists are being targeted.

It has been noted that “secret” speed cameras have been positioned along the Bucketts Way, a popular NSW motorcycle road.

Secret speed cameras on Bucketts Way


There are no warning signs as required and the only notice of their existence is on an obscure website, instead of the required public notice.

Meanwhile, the city of Paterson, New Jersey, faces a massive budget debt that could force them to sack 250 workers and force other workers to take 12 days without pay.

Their proposed answer?

They have called for the city’s police officer to issue an extra 30,000 traffic tickets a year – an extra 80 a day – to generate the $US3 million in revenue needed.

Meanwhile, the city council has the audacity to say there will be no increase in city taxes!

If you think it can only happen in America, think again.

Scotland has reduced its speed leeway to 1mph, police are hiding speed cameras in covert locations and there is a common-held suspicion that police are given traffic infringement quotas.

This does not sound like a campaign to stamp out hooligan speedsters, but to capture accidental low-level speeders, not tough outlaw bikies.New York bikies Redrum motorcycle club revenue raising

You and me!

Imagine what sort of minor infringements police will find to fine Paterson city motorists!

Meanwhile, the plan calls for police to be reassigned to traffic duties.

So what will happen with other forms of crime such as rape, burglaries and shootings?

Even if the proposal is voted down, it is still proof that governments think in terms of raising revenue through traffic infringements.

  1. Stop winching like a child and stop speeding stop using phone while driving stop drink driving stop being absolute dickheads on the road and you won’t get a fine and start acting like adults

  2. The Police are only implementing the rules imposed by the politicians and the states Road Authority (RTA, VicRoads ect.)
    The ONLY way that we as road users can get this invidious approach to revenue raising changed is to challenge our elected state and council politicians by NOT voting for them and support politicians / parties who are prepared to take a more balanced approach.
    Case in point: In the NT, the unlimited section of the Stuart Highway has once again had a speed limit imposed despite not registering a single fatality during the period of no speed restrictions. Often speed limits are dropped on secondary & rural roads rather than investing in repairing or upgrading the roads.
    I have held a silent ‘protest’ on several occasions by pulling up near the mobile speed camera and putting on my hazard lights for a period of time. and taking photos of them when they have artfully tucked their vehicle behind a tree or power pole.
    An earlier comment suggested that motorists / bike riders are basically cash cows. This has been the case since motor vehicles were invented. I don’t recall seeing the motorists peak bodies -NRMA / RAQ / RAC /RACV, ect fighting against their respective governments regarding speed limits and speed cameras. I wonder why???
    There has only been one successful case that I am aware of where the plan to introduce speed cameras was overturned by public outcry. This was in a small city in America several years ago. So fellow road travellers, it can be achieved!

  3. Well I have been saying this all along fines have nothing to do with saving lives.
    I was a Ex member of one of the road assist/insurance companies and in their magazine it stated “demerit points make roads safer and saves lives”
    So I wrote to the editor and asked “how many lives has demerit points saved and just how does a demerit point fix pot holes etc to make roads safer”
    That was over 4 years ago guess what still no answer.
    Then i find out that the same company has all the Police insurance contracts! oh yeah!
    So as they say Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
    Now we pay a high price (licence,rego,green slip etc) to put our vehicles/motorcycles for the privilege of riding/driving on absolutely 3rd world country roads ( in the country/rural roads) pot hole to lose a front wheel in and i dread the thought of the final outcome!
    Our town of a total population including farms is approx. 12,500
    Yet we have 4 highway Police patrol vehicles yet to get some action on crime/vandalism/break-ins the police what you to use your phone and log in with the police APP (great what a wank! and a virtual Police man will tell you what to do.)
    NSW Police force does not serve the public anymore they are a company with an ABN.
    It’s a business who hire themselves out (contract) to the NSW government for a fee!
    And like any company they are Profit Driven.
    Rise up and Challenge AUTHORITY go to court and challenge all fines, you will be surprised at the out come and don’t hire a lawyer they are BOUND BY DUTY to the courts and will cost you $$$$ do your homework and be amazed at the out come.

    PS if your heading WEST from Bathurst Or SOUTH please be warned all roads Highway and back roads are shit, pot holes surface break ups then their is the loose gravel be very aware please…………

  4. I recently added an electronic cruise control, mainly to be able to give my right hand and wrist a break. I generally set it to the speed limit. Having passed numerous highway patrol and speed cameras since, I no longer get that hollow feeling as I quickly check the speedo. It definitely takes the stress out of a ride, particularly in certain areas. It doesn’t solve the issue of revenue raising, but it does pass the issue to someone else.

  5. I just bought an Africa Twin because riding on the tarmac is no fun any more, and hasn’t been for some time thanks to this nonsense. I want to ride to the conditions thanks, within reason of course, and without having to constantly check my speedo. I’d also like the police to exercise a bit of discretion and commonsense in this regard. But when you are over-governed to the extent we are, expect to pay. And that’s what this is all about. They know it, we know it, and they know we know, and yet the whole tired safety excuse is still trotted out to justify this cynical revenue-raising exercise. It’s pointless.

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