Exhaust pipes bluing
Exhaust pipe bluing

Product claims to end exhaust bluing

High temperatures can make exhaust header pipes turn blue, but now a new product claims to stop exhaust bluing.

World Patent Marketing has now announced that its patented Rid a Blue is a quick cleaning product which takes the bluing out of the pipe.

Some riders like the bluing effect as they say it gives the bike character.

However, others have tried various methods over the years to try to stop their pipes going blue because it not only looks ugly but also makes the pipes prone to scratching and rusting.

Exhaust pipe bluing is even more common these days with economical high-compression engines running leaner and hotter.Exhaust pipe bluing

The usual process for removing bluing involves a lot of elbow grease and usually isn’t very effective.

Rid a Blue uses detergent oil, white diamond Polish and an anti-oxidiser chemical to shorten the exhaust pipes-cleaning process.

It is claimed that Rid a Blue requires little rubbing to achieve the desired effect.

Exhaust pipe bluing
Rid a Blue claims to end Exhaust pipe bluing

The manufacturers say it will not only make your bike look shiny, but also extend the life of the exhaust pipes.

World Patent Marketing organises patenting for inventors and the New York Inventor Exchange has approved Rid a Blue for licensing and trading intellectual property rights.

At this stage we do not now where you can buy Rid a Blue or how much it costs, but we have contacted World Patent Marketing for more details and will update this article when that information becomes available.

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