Pothole big as a football potholes
Pothole big as a football

Poor road repair under spotlight

Solutions to the poor state of road repair are being sought as riders and authorities across the nation grapple with the important safety issue.

In NSW, the Roads and Maritime Services is calling on industry partners, innovators and developers to pitch innovative solutions for road maintenance.

In Victoria, the Independent Riders Group is staging a Bad Roads Rally to Parliament House and a petition over the state of road repair.

And in Queensland, the Motorcycle Advocacy Group has claimed a significant victory in forcing authorities to repair melting tar issues on the motorcycling nirvana of Mt Glorious. Click here to read more.

Melting tar claims first crash victim Mt Glorious costly repair
Sub-par roadworks at Mt Glorious a sticky mess of tar

Road maintenance issues are paramount for riders who are particularly vulnerable to potholes, bumps and loose gravel.

Phone app

Motorcycle Council of NSW secretary Steve Pearce has welcomed the RMS initiative and called for a phone app for riders to record and report road conditions.

Steve Pearce siege highway combined braking ombudsman scrooge poor road repair
Steve Pearce

“Regional road infrastructure is being placed under more pressure from interstate transport and the growing number of grey nomads, and with real estate prices in capital cities more people are likely to look for regional lifestyle which means more travel and road transport,” he says.

“MCC has access to motorcyclists across the state, who by nature and their mode of transport are more likely to see and experience poor road conditions than most other road users. We would like to see a phone app developed as a recording tool for road condition around the state which we could look at endorsing.”

The RMS is calling for submissions to address a number of core areas – such as inspections, surveying, safety, vegetation clearance, etc.

The MCCNSW rider app would be a worthy submission.

Click here if you would like to make a submission or download the guidelines.

Bad Roads Rally

The Independent Riders’ Group (IRG) is organising a Bad Roads Rally on May 8 to raise the issue of road maintenance.

Spokesman Damien Codognotto says the Victorian Roads Minister Luke Donnellan should follow the NSW lead and seek advice on rural road repair from road users.

Potholes Victoria Melton conditions country poor road repair
Potholes near Melton in Victoria

“It is obvious to a lot of Victorians that VicRoads has no idea on road maintenance outside Melbourne,” he says.

“The RACV apparently did market research and found that most Victorians think roads money would be better spent if we got rid of VicRoads.”

The IRG has organised a petition to stop the dangerous neglect of country roads and the costly roll out of wire rope barriers in Victoria.

It will be presented to Parliament at the Bad Roads Rally at 1pm on May 8.

Riders are being asked to gather at Lansell Square carpark, High Street, Kangaroo Flat, at 8.30am to leave at 9am for a protest ride along the Calder Highway to the steps of Parliament House.

  1. While talking of bad roads I wonder how many Vic riders have noticed the new passion of vic roads to place ripple strips down the centre of the road .
    Some of these popped up around Bendigo but I do not know where else .
    I consider this a stupid seems good at the time idea by vic roads.
    I travel 62.Km each way daily by bike and have found that when passing another vehicle these bumps cause the bike to kick when crossing them and the acute angle of approach means the wheels loose touch with the road surface proper.We are having a bit a drought right now but I bet this unsafe idea will be worse on wet roads.
    I would like to hear other opinions on these centre rumble strips.

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