Politicians ignoring cyclist petition

Maritha Keyser Cyclist rule endangers motorcyclists politicians

Politicians are ignoring a petition against a rule allowing motorists to cross solid and double white lines to pass cyclists thus endangering oncoming motorcyclists.

Rider Maritha Keyser, one of many people injured in such an incident, is disappointed that her petition, which is closing in on 2000 signatures, has failed to impress politicians.

However, she still asks riders to sign the petition and share this article on social media so it goes viral and politicians simply can’t ignore it.



We contacted the ministers responsible in each state and territory for comment about the petition.

Only the ministers from NSW and Queensland replied, both basically re-stating the rules which state it is only permitted to overtake “when safe to do so”.

A media advisor for South Australian Minister for Road Safety Peter Malinauskas replied with: “We do not have an official comment on this one.”

Maritha, who will never ride again after her crash, says her petition requests for it to be once again illegal to overtake on continuous centre lines.

Maritha Keyser Cyclist rule endangers motorcyclists politicians
Maritha Keyser

“Those lines, per definition, are where the visibility is inadequate or where other potential hazards exist. Why is it then, due to the presence of a bicycle, it is all of a sudden potentially safe to overtake on these lines?” she asks.

“I have read hundreds of comments on the petition referring to near misses or actual accidents because of this rule, and I personally am unable to ever work or live independently again due to someone thinking ‘if safe to do so’.

“How many need to die or get badly injured before common sense prevails for the law to protect oncoming traffic?”

Maritha Keyser Cyclist rule endangers motorcyclists Politicians
Maritha’s crash scene on double white lines

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party member, motorcycle crash widow and passionate rider Judith Kuerschner says “if safe to do so” absolve the lawmakers from any responsibility and doesn’t protect motorcyclists.

“We know that motorcyclists are often unseen even when there is a clear road with good vision, so why ignore the reality of what’s actually happening on the road?” she asks.

“We don’t live in an ‘ideal world’ so why legislate as if we do? That kind of thinking puts lives at risk.”

Judith with her 2016 Can Am F3-S Spyder Politicians
Judith with her 2016 Can Am F3-S Spyder

Judith helped word the petition, asking for cyclist warning signs as used in Tasmania, but with the addition of “watch for motorcycles”.

“Considering adjusting the law to prohibit overtaking on solid lines will cost far less than rolling out warning signs, you’d think that would be the preferred political option,” she says.

“I can’t see them going against the cyclists so we need to offer up an acceptable compromise as well.”


  1. Most Aussie motorists (and motorcyclists) think they own the lane of the road in which they operate and refuse to share a metre or so with oncoming road users. Sharing that would cost them nothing and improve the flow.
    Unfortunately this is a mind set instilled when our roads got centre and perimeter road marking lines (lanes) and the police powers to infringe transgressors that cross those unbroken lines, near or offside.
    Now that those regulations have been relaxed a little to allow bicycle overtaking the mindset is to “not share” the road again. Come on there folk, grow up.
    Australians might take a ride in Greece or Vietnam and learn to share the road.
    I can remember times when motorists gave room to overtaking vehicles faster than themselves. Not now. Our law makers have allowed bureaucratic do gooders to put in place traffic regulations designed to reduce the road toll to zero, no matter what the economic and personal cost. You and I know that the road toll will never be zero, well not in this decade anyway.

    1. Agreed, the road toll will never be zero, but these other nation you mentioned have a far greater road toll then Australia, traffic usually moves at slower speed.
      As i keep saying , highspeed motorized traffic, above 50kmh, and pushbike simply do not match, full stop. Build more bikeways if need be, along side such smaller road. Yes it cost more, but what price a life. And make it compulsory to have a rear view mirror on a pushbike so they see traffic coming from behind and can pull over safely.

      1. Riding in Italy and France last year it was accepted practice to ride into oncoming traffic to move ahead. Oncoming traffic simply made room for you. Try that in Australia and you’d be dead or fined into poverty. Oh and I was doing it past police vehicles who just accepted it was the best way to keep everything moving.

  2. I’m not surprised this petition was ignored as it does not follow the correct procedures for a petition to parliament.

    First of all the petition has to be done via the parliamentary system in their format and usually limited to 250 words including their words you must use. Then it is only open to residents of that particular state. You need a sponsoring MP from the state who will table it. And then it may be considered if parliament think it is worthy.

    That is how we got the Cyclist safe passing legislation in the first place, following the guidelines as prescribed. Good luck next time, but I don’t hold much hope getting changes through, motorcyclists are a whipping boy of the state governments presently. And I say that as a motorcyclist who is tired of being whipped.

  3. The rule was implemented in the spirt of saving the lives of cyclists and preventing road rage against them when they ride in really stupid location and ignor their own wellbeing and everything else in existence except the buzz they get from doing so. The laws regarding crossing double centre lines was always there to allow motorists to pass an obstruction and I really think that it’s not a bad rule in itself. The problem is somehow really stupid people get drivers licenses and statistics seem to prove that these people have a bad habit of ignoring sign like keep left unless passing (keep right for America) slippery when wet school zone give way and worst of all STOP signs and RED lights.
    So this petition was doomed to fail from the start.
    A new petition requesting a advertising campaign on STUPIDITY KILLS would have been a better choice as it could cover things like all the above idiotic behaviour and would be far more effective at saving lives than the revenue justifying Speed Kills BS.. but then they might have to admit the speeding that kills most people is the speeding that’s done under the limit.

  4. Politicians diving for cover and using weasel-words to deflect and obfuscate any meaningful response – who’d have thought.

    Perhaps we should be pushing for an expansion of this policy – the law as it pertains to white lines is only the beginning of opening up restrictive laws to every road users situational determination – and imagination “when safe to do so”.

    Start with that other pesky provision, the white sign with an encircled number that seeks to define a limit for the velocity of vehicles. This has long been a bug-bear of mine – why should I not be able to exceed said limit “when safe to do so” … by rather a large margin if it’s really very “safe to do so”. There’s also other shaped signs with obscure words like “stop” and “give way” – why not keep going “when safe to do so”? No U Turn? what about “when safe to do so” ? No right turn? hell, I love turning right, it’s my favourite direction, especially “when safe to do so”.

    But seriously (or as serious as one can be with this level of insanity prevailing from Government) – where does this leave Joe Average? I’m sure “when safe to do so” will really translate to “when plod thinks it was safe” or “when an accident didn’t happen” – because this will all be viewed with 20/20 hindsight and the benefit of revenue …

  5. Yeah I’m noticing politicians are ignoring motorcyclist reasonable logical request, I’ve written to minister for main roads Mark Bailey regarding implementation of Advanced Stop Lines (ASL) in Queensland or amending the Stop line rule to just let motorcyclist stop in the box. It’s been a few months now and still no reply, hell I thought he was blocking my email address at one point! I was getting “email bounce back”

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